Chance Encounters

Do you ever meet someone in a random chance encounter, and then can't help but sit and laugh looking back on it?

The last weekend in May I had a friend (Jeff) of an ex boyfriend from college send me a facebook message asking if I was going to Carb Day, and if not, would I want to go with him. He said he had suite passes as well as garage/pit passes.

Maybe I should back up to tell you that that ex-boyfriend had cheated on me, and I had only met Jeff maybe 2 times before that relationship had dissolved… and hadn’t really talked to Jeff since then, up until we randomly became fb friends and we would throw the occasional smart-ass comment at each other. I should also state that Jeff is probably in his late 30s. Slightly full of himself, and owns his own company so he’s rather well-to-do. Kindaaaaa random. Not the typical person I expect to burn a PTO day with.

But for some reason, attributed to my newfound ‘roll with it’ attitude, I decided I could work with those kind of benefits (plopping my butt in a suite rather than romping around with the thousands of drunkasses in the infield… muy bueno!), and agreed to tag along!

(Here's a great photo montage of Carb Day for all you non-hoosiers. Biggest party day in May) 

We got to the track close to 8am, and by the time early afternoon rolled around we decided to take a little golf cart ride into the 'Driver RV' area to see some friends... and there, amidst the IRL drivers frolicking amongst their families, and drunken hollering from those not allowed inside the gates, we locked eyes and the heavens opened up on that chilly May day.

Only kidding, we were introduced. He was a friend of a friend, but a fresh face....  I knew TK, he knew TK, but the two of us had never met. 

The main thing I really remember (freecocktailstendtodothistoyou) is that he complimented my watch immediately (ticket to my heart right there)... and then when my ex, whom I spoke of above, somehow found out I was there and tracked us down, instantly turning everyone's mood sour;  Scott took it upon himself to bounce around and cheer me up.

Honestly I didn't talk to him any more than I did everyone else, but there was something about him that made me smile; so as Jeff and I were leaving that evening, and he told me to find him on Facebook, I made a mental note to do so just as soon as my now-dead phone hit a charger.

Barely 48 hours later, a hot little red Shelby Mustang was pulling into my driveway and a handsome fella was opening the door for me to get inside.  After dinner on a patio and a stroll along the canal I decided he was an alright guy, and that I might let him stick around!

That was nearly 4 weeks ago... some of you caught on in yesterday's SWW post when I mentioned the guy I was dating was wearing one of my bracelets.  Smart cookies, you are!


Ashley said...

Wooohooo...loving this story. I was wondering who the boy was that you mentioned. Good for you...can't wait to hear more. :)

Mateya said...

Love it! So was he really just a random person you saw that day or did he know Jeff somehow??

He seriously opened the door to the car for you?? Wow!

Marcy XOXO said...


Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I was WONDERING who your new boy toy was... !!! Congrats :) Can't wait to see a picture!

Was he a mutual friend of some sort, or just a guy you happened to meet there?

Can't wait to hear how yalls date went ;)

Marian said...

Carbs and a boy!! Sounds like the best day ever!!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! I love the start of a fun new relationship :)

Melissa Jo said...

This is too cute! I love the starts of new relationships they are always full of surprises and butterflies!

Tori and Chad said...

Okay, the weird thing is, after reading yesterday's post, I want to know more about his watch!