So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday

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So what if I have walked around saying "It's cause im young and im black and my hats real low" as an answer to everything for the past week. Darn you JayZ

So what if I haven't recapped Kenny concert or my housewarming bash because I am waiting on my friend to upload her pictures so I can snag them!

So what if I am biased... but I'm pretty sure I have the cutest grandpa EVER.

So what if my crowning achievement of last week was neon tie-dye cupcakes.

So what if my recent Google searches include:
"What is an ice cream paint job"
"are 2012 Olympics winter or summer"
"welcome wagon"
"fix running toilet"
"all in favor say ay"

So what if am obsessed with the app, HeyWire , you can text international (or local too) for free! So much better to keep in touch with Jamaican friends when you don't have to pay like $0.50/text!

So what if I had an impromptu cookout Sunday to try to banish some leftovers & beer that are still around from my housewarming bash Saturday night

So what if the scent of deepfryer is still lingering in my house.... the fried pickles & banana peppers I made for us Sunday were well worth it

So what if was hellbent on making a too-big tshirt wearable... and am quite proud of the outcome

So what if I frequently (as documented above) rock jorts. Cutoff jorts. Without any qualms either. 

So what if I am way excited about the table my dad built for my kitchen, he just installed it this weekend too! 

So what if I have a mild obsession with adult caprisuns. They're so easy, and so good. 

And lastly.... So what if I am a big ol goofball! These shades came from a ThreeO Purple promo and I found them in a box I unpacked the other day and HAD to wear them!

Still wanting more? Check out my SoWhat's from weeks past - I promise there's some good ones that'll keep you giggling!  


Caitlin said...

I've been wondering if those Dailys drinks were any good! And your cupcakes are too cute!

Ali said...

You are SO much fun! Can we make dates when I get back to school PLEASE?

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Adult capri suns! Haha! Love it!! I so need to try one of these bad boys out!

Your Grandpa is THE cutest!! I love his sombrero! And he is drinking. Double like!!!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Your grandpa IS the cutest!! Lol.

Those glasses....are hot. #dork

Seriously, I wanna be roomies... you cook ill bake. deal? Oh and those neon cupcakes look SO FUN!

tara said...

Hi. Send me some tie dye cupcakes! Kthanksbye.

Mrs. H said...

They tie dye cupcakes look like a blast. You must post a recipe..these would be great to bring a for an 80's party!

Melissa Jo said...

I rock the jorts too, no worries!

Mateya said...

I totally have one of those adult capri suns in my freezer right now, I just keep forgetting to drink it haha!

Please tell me how to make the colorful cupcakes.

Marian said...

Hold up...when did they start making Adult Caprisuns and how come I haven't heard of this sooner?!?

Leanne said...

Those cupcakes look amazing. I want some.