Left coast visitors

The weekend before last, my best friend was in town from the left coast (sheblogsgofollow!), as was an old pal Cody. Most of you probably remember Cody as the instigator of the whirlwind Vegas tour . I only got to see Cody one night when I met up with him downtown, but I saw Jenn a few times throughout the weekend!

On Friday afternoon I hurried home from work & met Jenn at my house for a few drinks before she had to go to the rehearsal dinner for his sister's wedding. We decided it was prime time to break in my patio! I stopped and picked up some fun mixers for the new Pinnacle Cake that I brought home from work

How fun are those 7-Up zebra print cans?!

Russell quickly fell in love with her! Or maybe he was just thirsty?

Then the little rodent kept hopping up on the table! He really enjoyed his time bonding with our other friend Casey!

We were sitting out there so long that I brought some food out for us to snack on, including some frozen grapes. Which Casey started putting in her drink... so I put some in my drink... then we decided they also belong in beer.

Which leads to this...

I'm sad that her weekend was so full of wedding stuff, but I loved having her here and I'm glad she helped me break in my patio! I wish she wasn't an entire timezone away!



Michelle (michabella) said...

Funnn! Love those zebra cans! What mixed best with the Pinnacle Cake?? #tellmenow

Jen said...

Sounds like a fun time!!! Love the zebra cans.

Mateya said...

What was the best mixer??

Glad the patio has officially been broken in :)

CaseFace said...

Pinnacle Whipped and Strawberry Crush is where its at :)

jayme said...

wait, what happens when you put frozen grapes into it? is it like drinking coke with pop rocks?? should i know this type of stuff?

Krystal said...

I so need to try the Cake vodka. Yum yum. :) You're like my booze inspiration!