So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

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So what if I spent 3 hours last night laughing so hard I cried as we looked at pictures and reminiscied on vacation memories from our 2006 Spring Break with one of my best friends (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - one of my favorite vacations!)

So what if even though that trip was 6 years ago, I could have easily told you it was recent and you'd never know. My hair (and baby face) both look the exact same! (Ok, perhaps the gauchos would have tipped you off)

So what if I had this for dinner last night. Blufeld and the Blue Box is a balanced meal in my book! (Actually, I made orange death... and I enjoyed every bit of it)

So what if I am racing home from work today to make sure I get my newspaper before the Betty White wanna be next door snatches it up again.

So what if I've lived in the house for like 4 months now and still haven't had a housewarming party... good things come to those who wait! 

So what if I attempted to clean my chandeliers and came away with a light bulb burn on my forearm. It's in the shape of a tear, for my fallen homies (what? it was legit when Lil Wayne said it)

 So what if my rug looks like this daily, because of my little monster
So what if absolutely hate the "ombre" hair trend these days. It's nothing but glorified roots in my opinion. To each her own. 

So what if I giggled like a 13 year old boy when these letters popped up in my WWF game

So what if my bar is overflowing... good thing there are some Ladies' Nights' in the works! I bet we can make a dent in it!

 So what if Shaggy frequently pops up on my Pandora, and I don't ThumbsDown it! Don't act like you don't break a smile when you hear that he was bangin on the bathroom floor

What are you SoWhats-ing today!?



Alexson said...

Are Shaggy and gauchos not cool anymore? I must have totally missed that.

Anonymous said...

lol @ the comment about the tear shaped burn mark!

Allison said...

Ahhh, I have shaggy on my iPod and when it comes on I love-ha!

My family and I used to go to the Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata) every year. I miss it and those vacas were by far my favorite :)

Traci said...

I like the looks of that bar!

Oh and the D.R. is awesome. I've been there few times.

Anonymous said...

I totally laugh when I hear Shaggy. And I think girls night is a great idea. I may stop by!

Kristen said...

I love Shaggy..and your sweet new "tat" for your homies!

Krystal said...

Your bar looks stacked with Pinnacle! Cheap (yet tasty!) booze! This weekend we mixed Tropical Punch Pinnacle with Diet Pink Grapefruit Soda. Ummm hello delicious!

Holmes said...

Your mini bar is amazing. It looks like you've got everything anyone would need. I want to come to your girls night out! ha ha

Mrs.Vid said...

I love Shaggy! I haven't heard him in quite a while though!

Jamie Pickle said...

I seriously was just thinking this morning what happened to Shaggy!! I don't think he has had another hit since then.

undomestic chica said...

Love this, love your new "tat." Love that you have a Betty White wannabe too, although it's not cool she steals your paper!

Kelsey Claire said...

So when am I invited to the next girls night out! haha!