So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

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So what if I bought a camera strap from miss Jenn of West Sac Honey's etsy store - LOL Designs and am having her ship it to (my) Jenn's house in Vegas so I can use it when I get out there
(I got the far left one!)

So what if I actually enjoy the taste of Tums... and eat like 2 a night before bed. Yes - I realize it's very weird!! (Red and orange are my favorite... I actually have a half full container of just yellow & green ones that I refuse to eat) It says on the bottle they can be taken as a calcium suplement though so it's good for me, right?!

So what if I text my mom pictures of my flowers everyday. I get excited about everything that's popping up around my flower beds!

So what if I gave Russell a bath and used my BedHead shampoo... he is sooo stinkin soft now it's unreal!

So what if I don't have any desire to make blogging my life, or make money off of it or develop massive amounts of "followers" or  whatever... more power to yah if you put that kind of time & dedication into it. I just do it for shits and giggles!

So what if I don't really mind living alone. People ask me that ALL the time. With lots of sympathy in their voice. I actually enjoy it. A lot! And no, I don't really get "lonely and bored"... I have waaaay too many hobbies for me to ever get bored haha!

So what if I have the most adorable niece EVER

 I can't believe she's over a year old already! What a ham-

So what if I am jealous that a friend is going to Mexico 3 weeks after I get back from Jamaica. That just means I'll be 3 weeks into post-vacation depression!! 

So what if I thought that this line from Usher's You Got It Bad:
When you say that you love 'em
And you really know
Everything that used to matter, don't matter no more
Like my money, all my cars
(You can have it all back)
Flowers, cards and candy
Said I'm fortunate to have you girl

really said 
You can have it all back
I was cotton candy 
So I'm fortunate to have you girl 
(??!? I realize it makes absolutely no sense but roll with it) 

That's all I've got... happy baby friday to me, thank goodness tomorrow's my last day of work before Vegas - I can't handle these crazies any longer!! (IF you missed the post about my completely out of the blue trip to Vegas this coming weekend, you can catch it here!)


Jennifer said...

Tums are calcium supplements. My Dr told me to make sure I take them. I also enjoy the taste....my brother and I use to sneak them cuz we thought they tasted like candy!

And about your messup on the Usher song. No worries. You should hear what I think some songs say..my husband just laughs at me.

I also use to like living alone too. People act like it's so horrible. No it isn't...you can do anything you want because there is no one there to be aware of.

Erica said...

Wait, so you're going to Vegas AND Jamaica? I'm all sorts of jealous if I read that right. And the tums things makes me laugh, I loathe the fruit ones and while I'm awfully tired of taking the mint ones, they really aren't so bad. You're going to make an excellent preggo someday if you love Tums!

Erica said...

P.S. This is random but are you on Twitter?

Mateya said...

I don't mind tums either...I think I have the tropical kind and I am totally going to start taking them as a calcium supplement. Me no drink milk.

Also, I don't think you ever told us about the rando trip to Vegas and how you scored that!

Marcy XOXO said...

Ahhhhhhh your neice is so adorbs! Love the second picture haha! So excited for you and can't wait to hear all about your trip... PS maybe I should start taking some tums for a calcium supplement as well??? Hmmmmmm HAPPY HUMP DAY!

Dree said...

Your niece is so sweet! I always send my mom super random photos, typically of cows in a "why did you move me to farmland" type of way. Flowers are much better, I think!

Brandi said...

Lol@ using your BedHead shampoo on Russell! By the way, I think I need him in my life... Mollie needs a playmate! He's just too cute! LOL

And yes definitely the most adorable niece EVER! She's so cute! :)

Lindsey said...

your niece is adorable!

and i love that your having your camera strap shipped to vegas - i like where your heads at - i mean we have to look fashionable at ALL TIMES right?!

Aubrey S. said...

You crack me up. And your niece is stinkin cute.

love jenny xoxo said...

the camera strap is super cute, can't wait to see your vegas pics! And your niece is so cute!


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I LOVE tums I like the Smoothie flavors though way better..

Thanks for the shout out! Your strap went out yesterday so she should get it within the next day or two.

Your niece is sooo cute i love her outfit!

Jessica said...


SO many I want to comment on...

1. I NEED to try washing my dog with my Bed Head shampoo!

2. I'm pretty OK with my tiny little following on here :)


Jamie Pickle said...

I can't stand the taste of regular tums but the smoothie ones in the Berry Fusion flavors are much better.

They have Bed Head products for dogs and it smells just as good.

I am super jealous you get to go to Jamaica AND Vegas!!

Your neice is adorbs!

Kerr said...

I live alone and I LOVE it!

undomestic chica said...

Did you know they have BedHead shampoo for pets? At least they do in Seattle, I'm not sure if the rest of the country has it too. You don't want to know what songs I've messed up. I still think Rihanna's What's My Name sounds more like Whore's My Name.

Ande's Wife said...

I use the BedHead pet shampoo on my dog and it smells amazing! Almost better that the kind for humans..and it makes her fur super soft. I LOVE it and won't use anyhting else. I don;t care if it's the most expensive =)

Megan said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi!

Your niece is a DOLL!!

Ahhhh, have an amazing time in Vegas!! I freaking LOVE Vegas! Take lots of pics :)

Annie said...

I like Tums too...they are like candy :) I carried an industrial size jar of them in my purse when I was pregnant (heartburn or craving...idk?!?! :))