So What Wednesday!

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So What Wednesday

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So what if my jeans take up an entire shelf in my closet. (and no, this isn't all of them... it was laundry day) In my defense, I've worn the same size since high school... so a few of those pairs have been around for a while!

So what if I missed the neighborhood parade last weekend. Wait...what?! Really what are these people doing... please tell me that's not all one family.

So what if I have a plethora of dandelions in my yard. Stop judging. Seriously. Quit.

So what if I was so proud after my first time mowing my own grass that I took photos.

So what if I finally just got my stair railing hung back up after 5 months of risky stair climbing sans handle.

So what if I can't say no to this face. Awww isamistarussell

So what if I'm still cracking up at this dude's wedgefactor. REALLY!?

So what if I am addicted to this stuff lately. I wish it came in big bags! (Although it's probably a good thing it doesn't)

So what if I was still gluegunning my wreath when people started arriving for Easter on Sunday. Finally done! I kinda love it! 

So what if my fridge is angry. (no clue who did this but thank you - I cracked up when I noticed)

That's all I got =) Hope you're staying dry on this lovely spring Wednesday!

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love jenny xoxo said...

haha these are so cute!! I've heard heard of lime popcorn but those are two things I love so I'll have to check that out for sure! And that wedgie... LOL!!!


Amanda said...

Thanks for your so whats. They definitely got me laughing :)

Jessica said...

1. Am I the only one that finds jeans uncomfortable?!

2. I've never mowed grass in my life so I'd be proud as well!

3. What a freakin' cute little furbaby!

4. That guy must be SO uncomfortable. I can't even imagine.

5. be That wreath is super cute!

6. I love letter magnets!!

Kari Beth said...

so what if i'm wearing a skirt (and, no tights) today and its 50-degrees and raining! ha!

can you tell me where you go your big round styrofoam wreath!? i looked for one that size for my wreath this year and couldn't find one. had to end up getting the round one that is flat. it worked but i really wanted a round one!

Caroline said...

Love it! I am so proud of you for mowing the grass. I've never done it. And do you have a tutorial of the wreath?

Kirsten said...

That popcorn is the best ever. and it smells like fruit loops while it's popping!

The first time I mowed my yard (at ummm 30something) i was so proud too. I mean I had brothers and a dad, i never needed to mow! Good job!

Mateya said...

I must try that popcorn ASAP!

I love mowing the lawn...good excuse to be outside and get a tan :)

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

popping in from ssw! haha the wedgie guy, so darn funny! your so brave for taking a pic. And? your puppy? so friggin cute!

Lindsey said...

shannon and i are equally as addicted to that popcorn as well! SO GOOD! i'm glad its only a mini bag though b/c otherwise i would eat the entire thing!!!

and i've never cut the grass before, let alone start a mower - so kudos to you!

Leah said...

Loved reading this post, you always make me laugh! Props on all the house work, I wouldn't know where to begin with a lawn mower!

undomestic chica said...

I saw that pic on twitter and it made me laugh out loud. I'm glad you're still finding it funny too. I had no idea that popcorn was even in existence, I'll have to go find some!

Becca Christensen said...

LOVE jeans. I have so many too.

The lime popcorn sounds delish to me.

Jessi said...

I have a jeans addiction too, there's nothing wrong with that!

And lime and salt popcorn?! Where have I been! I need to try that.

I'm your newest follower. Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday. :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

BAHAHAHA. I look forward to your "So Whats"! FABULOUS job on that wreath!!! Russell is sooo cute. <3