Thoughtless Thursday

I pulled out my good ol MacBook when I got home from work today -- truth is, ever since I got my iPhone a few years ago and then graduated college last year this thing doesn't get used much... well aside from online shopping ;)

Needless to say I'm a habitual dragger. IE I find photos of outfits, shoes, fabric, quilts, food, whatever that I like and I drag them to my desktop. My desktop was literally FULL. Like, I couldn't even see my wallpaper so I did a little spring cleaning. Now she's a little cleaner and looks like this...

(I took this photo while in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic a few years ago on Spring Break. That's a real shipwrecked ship... pretty gorgeous huh?!)

Wait, what was I getting at again? Oh yea, I saw over on Katie's blog a fun feature called Thoughtless Thursday and decided to join in with some photos I found on my desktop in a folder cleverly titled "SORT THROUGH" (I have the best of intentions, honest)


So here we go... I helped my mom put together a black & white photo wall for the living room and these are some of the pictures we used...
The family in Navarre Beach, FL a few summers back, we rented a big pink house on the beach and had a blast! (My dad, my momma, my aunt Patty, me, my cousin Alicia and my Uncle Mike in the back, my good ol Grandpa in the front!)

My sister-in-love, Courtney & I on my 21st birthday

My momma & I at my brother, Brandin & Courtney's wedding

My mom & dad at a delicious restaurant we stumbled upon while in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My uncle Leo & I tailgating before a Colts game this past year

Myself, my brother Brandin & Courtney last summer at a street party before the Indy 500

My daddy & I at B&Court's wedding

Mom & Gramps before another Colts' game

My brother & sister-in-love at a Derby party last year

Brandin & Justin after the Colts beat the Patriots to go to the Superbowl!

Well, that's all I've got... I hope I didn't bore ya'll, I love black & white photos though, and when I came across these I wanted to share!

If you wanna play along to Thoughtless Thursdays visit Life in the Fulmer Lane and mclinky on up!


Katie said...

i LOVE it! LOVE the black and white photo wall idea!!! thanks for playing pretty girl!!!

What's New with Mrs.T said...

Love the pics! I am always a sucker for black and white pictures.

alanna said...

aww fun pics!! your family looks so happy, and i love that you call your SIL your sister-in-love! so cute!

Brittnei said...

You should post pictures of the wall! Would love to see it!!

Neely said...

I think things look classic in B and W :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway! I have actually never had sweet tea before! Crazy night! Fabulous pictures! I am a sucker for the classic black and white pictures. I saw that you're a graphic designer! I graduated from college with a graphic designer degree as well! Just can't find a job since I moved :/

Enjoy your weekend!

Mateya said...

I left you a surprise on my blog :)

Annie said...

Fun picks!! Looks like you have a really fun family!
My desktop gets REALLY messy too....I have stuff saved and I am like WHY did I save this here?!? I have to go though and delete/organize about once a month!

Jess said...

Just came across your blog, and couldn't help but notice the Colts pictures! Do you still live in Indianapolis?! I live there too :) Go Colts!