I don't... but I do....

I've always been stubborn. It runs in my family. We all have that "I can do it myself, I'll show you!" attitude.

So once, when I was in... oh, let's say, 8th grade? I thought to myself "I wonder how long I can go without drinking soda"

And to this day, I still don't drink soda.(8th grade was roughly 9 years ago?). Sort of. With the exception of alcohol mixers, and my few short-lived spurts, I don't drink soda. I just don't like the taste, it's way too sweet, it makes my teeth feel funny, it makes my body feel bleh and it gives me, the queen of headaches, a killer migraine most of the time.

That being said, I went through a cream soda kick a few years back - I would let myself have one or two a week, I was in love with that stuff... for about a month. Then there was a 7-Up kick triggered by fountain 7-Up in the Caribbean (yes, it does taste different, it's made with different ingredients down there! I promise. Pure sugarcane maybe? I don't know but next time you vacation south of the States, bring a soda back and compare it with one here!).

Now I've moved on to root beer.
I know, I'm ridiculous. I can't run around saying I don't drink soda, because I do. But I don't really! Just sometimes I really need a delicious, cold root beer! Do you have any "I don't... but I do..." hypocrisies in your life?


Ms. J said...

Love Root Beer too! I went on a Cream Soda kick for a long time as well! Now it's a tie between Root Beer and Diet Dr. Pepper.

I think I act like I'm not into the mtv reality TV like The Hills, The City, Jersey Shore etc, but I totally could be and when I get the chance to watch I do and could probably watch it all day...pathetic.

Mateya said...

I am the same way with soda. I really wouldn't call myself a soda drinker (or as we call it around here "pop") but I do have one occasionally. Like I would say maybe once or twice a month. If I go out to eat sometimes a pop just sounds good, but I never drink one just for the heck of it!

Elegant Symphony said...

I gave up drinking soda as well. However, for me it was about 4 years ago. It was instrumental in my weight loss. I think I could probably count on my hands how many I've had in that time span.

I had a few crown and cokes on my birthday (December) and I thought i was going to die. Soda is one of those things I've learned to live without.