Insurance and benefits!

Can I get a big WOOHOO!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that things were getting rough because ChrisChris' hours at the state were running out (He is an intermittent employee, and they are only given a set number of hours - I want to say 2500 maybe? - and then they are laid off).

Well yesterday, as he was walking past his bosses desk, his boss asked him to come sit down and that he needed to talk to him. Chris thought his boss was going to tell him his hours had ran up and to basically go home and have a nice life.

BUT his boss told him he was hiring him on full time! That means his hours are not only NOT running out, but he will also now have insurance AND paid holidays/vacation days!

Thank you guys for all your kind thoughts and comments about this over the past few months... it really has helped us keep our spirits up and I just knew something good was bound to happen!

As for the picture above - well, I'm sure our maturity astounds you ;)


Tori and Chad said...

Yay!!! And I like the picture! :)

Mateya said...

Wow! That is great news....so happy things worked out even better than you thought!