Merger- yay or nay?

If you've been following along here for any bit of time, you've probably picked up that I work for a liquor distributor. We are a local distributor, serving mainly Indiana. About a year ago word starting brewing that a nation-wide distributor was wanting to break into the market in Indiana, this wasn't something to celebrate for us, because all-in-all they would force us out of business.

There had been rumors swirling that we were trying to merge with another nation-wide distributor, and as I learned through the local online newspaper this morning.... we merged.

Yep, I learned of it from the internet. I'm not the happiest of campers right now. I love my job, but they are so bass-ackwards on some things... I just can't believe they wouldn't let ALL of the employees know before it hit the tv's & newspapers! (Our sales reps got an email yesterday, but us designers were left clueless!)

There's no word yet as far as.... well,  basically, as far as if we'll still have jobs after this is all said and done, but they're saying that we shouldn't be worried.

Hey maybe I can score a raise and/or extra vacation time after this!

UPDATE: About 10 minutes after I posted this, we got an email with the news brief in it. Everyone around the office is REALLY upbeat and talking about what a good thing it is, so that makes me really happy!


Caroline said...

Keep your head up. I hope you'll get to keep your job or even score a better one. Sucks that you had to read it on the internet. Today's St. Patty's Day; so, maybe you'll have the luck of the Irish behind you.

Kelly Marie said...

Ugh, I'm sorry! That is so annoying :( I would def try to score a raise && extra vacation time!

Mateya said...

Way to think positive! That is kinda crappy that they didn't tell you and you had to find out from the internet, though!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I read about this online...I think it will be great! Keep the positive attitude! :)

What a cool job you have!! Uber jealous!

alanna said...

oh honey, i'm sure you're indispensable. it is very rude that they shared it like that (or didn't share it, i guess). regardless, you obviously are very talented so no matter what happens, you'll do great!