Things I do not understand

Why is it, when you are on the highway, people try to "beat you" into the fast lane, only to go approx 5mph over the posted speed. Can't we all just be in agreement that if you are in the fast lane you should go atleast 14mph over.

This morning someone sped up to get in front of me in the left lane, and proceeded to slow down. What are you?! Brown noser, if you want to be a cop be a cop, but I don't need a citizens arrest. Thank you mobile speed trap.

I'm stuck in a windowless office, on a sunny warm day (rare in early spring Indy). Yes, I am a little bitter.

On a happy note, I'm getting tapas and sangria after work with one of my besties! Yum! Please please please tell me they have their patio open, it's far too pretty to be stuck inside all evening!


Risley said...

totally agree with you on the left lane!
I think it should only be for passing! ifyou can get right, get right!! lol

Annie said...

I have no window in my office either...I get very bitter on a nice sunny spring day :(....oh well, at least we have good jobs, huh?

Mateya said...

Are you kidding me with 71 degrees right now! Let me see it is a whopping...35 degrees here today! I am so sick of this winter! Enjoy your beautiful weather!

Ms. J said...

That weather looks depressing :( When the iphone weather shows rain that's never a good sign. A cloud picture at least leaves some room for sun...rain not so much. Maybe a windowless office is good on rainy days?

Melissa said...

Agreed on the left lane thing! I really hate slow drivers, especially when I'm in a hurry!

Paige said...

I have no window in my office. I find excuses to go to the other school building when the weather is nice and sunny! Have a great weekend!