The Chris & Chelsea story

I realized I talk a LOT about ChrisChris on here, but he's never been formally introduced. So, invisible friends, I'd like you to meet my lovely boyfriend Chris (more commonly known as ChrisChris St. Nick - hey it was his parents, not me, who named him Christopher Nickolas!)

(This was us at the Kenny Chesney/Montgomery Gentry/Sugarland concert this past summer - we landed some sweet Beam swag complements my work's tent party beforehand!)

We don't have the fairytale story what so ever. I still like it though, because it's OUR story! You see, I was the girl who didn't go away to college, my college was about 30min away from my house so I drove there everyday. All my friends went away, so once this little lady turned 21, on weekends when my girlfriends didn't come home, I would go out with one of my ex's-from-high-school-turned-good-friend, B and his friends. (Bad run-on sentence, my apologies!)

One night I met up with B at his friend S's house, and there was another fella there. We shall call him C. We all headed downtown and went to a few bars, had a good time. I ended up driving B and S home, because C drove his car to the bars. As I was driving, C and S were texting (are you completely lost yet? stick with me...) and C made some comment about me which warranted S to show me his phone/the comment. Because I had found myself intrigued by C, I made it a point to sneak a peak at his number in S's phone and memorize it. (Side note: I couldn't just ask S for C's number, because S had a little bit of a thing for me, and I didn't want to be mean like that)

I texted C as soon as I got home (Thank goodness I have a memory like an elephant!), and well, we all know how it went from there.

(ChrisChris & Chels one of the first nights we hung out - silly photo, I know! It makes me smile though)

He is the only person who has made me laugh so hard not only did I spit water all over him, but it also came out my nose. He's the one who I tell all my secrets to, and he loves me anyhow. He's the one who pushes me to do what I enjoy, even if they are a little "uncool" for a 22yr old (ie quilting and antiquing!) and he's the one who finds me dancing by myself in front of the tv, and he doens't think I'm nuts.  And most importantly, he's the one who sticks by my side through the toughest of times, and somehow manages to help me hold my head up and reassure me all along the way.

Yep, that's my Chrischris, he's the one! 


Mateya said...

So cute...glad to finally "meet" him :)

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Annie said...

cute!! love your story! I SO would not have been able to remember that number!!

Marcy XOXO said...

I just recently started following you... I saw this post from the "Pour Some Spackle On Me" post...HILARIOUS. Anyways, this was just freaking adorable! Ya'll are so cute!!!