So What Wednesday

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So What Wednesday
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So what if the prosecutor called me yesterday afternoon to basically tell me I'm driving on a suspended license. Because I didn't pay my ticket that was apparently due 10/22. I reminded her that I didn't pay because I'm getting it deferred... and I never received the freakin paperwork detailing my deferral process because apparently the cop has yet to turn the ticket in?? Gnarly. 

So what if I literally bribed myself to get outta bed this morning with the promise of getting to wear my new boots.

So what if I am extremely happy I FINALLY ended my 'perfect gray OTK boot search'. At Kohl's of all places. I am not usually a fan of Kohls... but after sales and coupons I got these little puppies for somewhere around $38! (For anyone interested, they are Elle but I can't find them on Kohl's website. They were marked down to like $53 in stores this past weekend!)

So what if I got into work this morning and immediately turned Bob Marley on. On my computer. To drown out what my supervisor has playing on the radio. I cannot handle screaming rock, sorry.

So what if it SERIOUSLY ticks me off that I've made it VERY clear I don't like that music yet he continues to put it on the radio in the office we share EVERY day. Is that not just plain rude!? 

So what if I just sprinted to the radio to turn it down a few notches when he got up to go to the bathroom HAHAH!

So what if I had such a blah day yesterday at work that I as soon as I walked into my house I  immediately grabbed the double-stuffed Oreos and a big glass of milk and sat at my dining room table staring at the wall devouring them for a good 15 minutes.

So what if my driveway now looks like this. I don't wanna talk about it.

So what if I really want some Jello. Like... the kind you make for kids, you know... without the booze in it? I haven't had non-spiked jello in a long time. Is this normal? Do people eat plain jello past the age of 6???

So what if I'm a little bit jealous that my mom moved salons and her new one is right next to a Japanese steakhouse!  Do you know how tubby I would be if I had access to hibachi all day every day?!

So what if I was out this weekend and someone told me "you just make friends everywhere you go, don't you?!" I was talking about the time some random dude in Cali let me to take a spin on his Segway (side note: I ALWAYS forget the name of those & want to call them hover'rounds HA!) Yes... yes I do make friends. You can never have too many, and it is esp nice when they live in other states & countries!

So what if I I think I need to start a series in which I share random vacation stories on the blog! The other night, I came across pictures from the week in the Dominican Republic where we found great entertainment in constantly pranking these Swiss fellows that we met.



David and Elizabeth said...

cute boots!
and what the heck happened to your driveway!?!
also, have you been to the japanese steakhouse in plainfield? i heard it was amazing!

Amanda said...

Um...let's plan a vacay together! I would totally be right up your alley with the making friends everywhere you go. (I used to make friends waiting for the train at 7AM to go to my old job.) Also, what happened to your driveway? Also, I miss milk (I'm a lactard) and oreos. Coconut milk, lactaid milk, soymilk, they just aren't the same. Okay, that was the world's longest comment.

Michelle (michabella) said...

Is your boss... Jamaican ya crazy mon?!?!

Love da boots! I can't pull off tall boots. I'm a midget.

Mmmm Oreos and milk.

Girl... get that driveway fixed...seesh.

I am all for vacation stories! :)

EZsx5 said...

You should totally go to HR and complain that his music is offensive and ask that they tell him to choose another station - hahahahha you'd be "that" person, but you wouldn't have to listen to that bs anymore!

Your SWW is hysterical today! Sorry I'm laughing at your misfortune ;)

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Love your flippn' boots! Soooo cute! ...and the driveway looks so sad! If you want to ever talk about it I am here LOL

My Life as A Plate said...

So glad you found the perfect gray boot! ahahh they are super adorable, I also have been looking for the perfect gray flat boot..still looking haha

whit said...

So what if I just sprinted to the radio to turn it down a few notches when he got up to go to the bathroom HAHAH!

LOVE this :)

tara said...

You always have the cutest boots. #jealous

Mateya said...

Killer boots man!

Are those leggings? You can wear leggings to work?

Can you wear headphones so you don't have to listen to that guys' music?

I still eat jello. Yum.

I am dying laughing thinking about you just starting at your wall, listening to the ticking clock, stuffing your face with oreos hahaha! Maybe you should do that more often you skinny minny!

Melanie said...

Totally love the boots, gal. HOT!

Umm, so you are making me crave jello shots. The spiked kind for adults. With my whipped vodka that I finally bought!

Erica said...

Hmm. I'm honestly contemplating running to the store now over my lunch to buy some double stuffed Oreos. Thanks dear!

Erica said...
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whitney said...

love those boots! i am waiting by the mail box for ones i just ordered...damn ups.

and now i want oreos...


Ashleigh Nichole said...

Such cute boots! I want some now :) & oreos with milk can you say yes please :)

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

That sucks about your ticket. Isn't there a deadline or something for cops to turn in tickets? Perhaps they should just tear it up.

Sheesh, what happened to your driveway?

Fashion Meets Food said...

What cute boots!!! I have always been able to wear boots except this year my calves became massive and none of mine fit so I am trying to avoid boot shopping.


Sierra said...

I would get out of bed too with those boots. So stinkin cute.

Jello is amazing. You are allowed to eat it anytime, especially after dental appointments and when you are home sick in bed. So easy and cheap.

I am dying to ride a Segway! I heard that there are city tours on Segways. Guess what I am doing on my next vacation?

Marian said...

Those boots are fierce and soooo worth getting out of bed for!