I forgot my pleather jumpsuit at home

Have you guys seen that Eddie Murphy skit where he's in the red pleather jumpsuit, swaying back & forth singing "I got icecream, I got icecream"?

Nod and smile. (if you haven't, here -watch! One of my absolute favorite stand-up skits) 

Well, that was me in my kitchen yesterday. Except I was singing "I got candlessss, I got candles". At this point, I sometimes write something, then sit back and reread... and truly wonder why anyone reads this blog... I'm seriously weird you guys. 

Anyways back to the story. Supposedly it's some big joke, that you don't buy people candles unless you don't like them. I don't get it? As if it's some cop out gift? Maybe it's just because I haven't even lived on my own for a full year so I haven't built up an arsenal of flammable wax and still welcome candles with open arms?

Regardless, I get super excited over candles... especially if they smell really good... and double especially if the came from a blog friend! 

Hence why I was dancing around my kitchen singing some silly little ditty. This is getting embarrassing... I'm just going to end the story now and show you pictures of what else Holly sent to me. 

Super soft Colts blue shirt-check. Pretty nail polishes - check. Candles - check. Hot pink scarf - check. Adorably simple earrings - check. And to top it off a cute lil note on pink paper.
She's a pretty awesome swap partner. Ya'll should be jealous.

Thanks Caroline, Molly & Mateya for hosting!  to I got candles ;)


ashley said...
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ashley said...

I loveeeeeeeeee candles too, especially the ones you got! :)

Great job Holly on the swap gifts.

whitney said...

blog swamps are pretty legit.

and candles are a little bit of a cop out. ONLY because everyone loves them. NOT because you don't like them. i put them on the same level as gift cards....yeah?

happy friday. i can't wait to get outta here!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Oooo You got some goodiess! Did it bring all the boys to the yard?

Oh and I love candles... and I sure as heck don't give people crappy candles. Wtf.

And we read your blog because you ARE weird. Where else is there to go for entertainment?! ;)

~Haley~ said...

I love love love candles, and I appreciate it when people give them to me... I've upgraded to Scentsy in most of the house though, so I have an arsenal of candles in the kitchen cupboard now!

Mateya said...

Nice swap goodies. That Leaves candle smells soooo good! When I first smelled it I was like, leaves, no way I don't want to smell leaves, but it smells so awesome.

P.S. You should order some Scentsy.

Monica said...

I love love candles, can never get enough...as long as they smell good though.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

you are hilarious :) & we are all weird! haha

Jen said...

I LOVE candles!!!! Underneath my kitchen sink is stocked with candles haha.

Amanda said...

YAY! How fun! I love candles too. Is it bad that my boyfriend buys me candles? I'm starting to get a heap of them to add to my collection of fantastic scents. What flavors did she send you?

Molly said...

Love the polish colors, tell me what their shades are when you get a chance would ya, esp the one on the right! K THANKS :)

Glad you joined us for the swap!

J and A said...

What great gifts. Love those polish colors! :)

Caroline said...

You got a great goodie bag! :) Don't burn the house down!

Marian said...

Candles are my favorite!! I have 4 burning at this moment!!

(yeah, low key Saturday night...got some big tailgate plans..need to keep the body hydrated;)