Questions & Answers : The NittyGritty

No more food talk... now time to get down to the nitty gritty!

1a. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Or only child? from Kelly
1b. Do you have any siblings?  from Mateya

I have big bubby! He's exactly 5 years, 5 months and 5 days older than me and we've always got along really well. I also have a sissy-in-law now (and the most adorable niece ever of course)

2. What sort of classification did you have in hs and college, and how did you feel about that? Like jock, party girl, nerd etc. from Adrian
In high school... definitely not a party girl, definitely not a jock (although I did run track one year). Hung out with the same big group of girls basically all 4 years... dabbled with the jocks, dabbled with the skater kids, dabbled with the preps. There wasn't huge cliques in my high school, most people just got along!


In college....There was a group of about 20 of us that were going for the same major, it was a really intensive major (our undergrad program required the most credit hours out of any on campus - ridiculous!) I drove to campus for classes & projects, but left afterwards. It's different when you go to a commuter school and no one lives on campus in dorms or anything.

We'd go hang out downtown or something after class but nothing big. Plus I didn't turn 21 until my Senior year so there wasn't a ton of partying goin on!  I had more friends outside of college than I did 'college friends'

3. What were you like in high school from Sarah
I paid attention in class and was a teacher's dream (participated, did my homework). Got mostly A's and B's but never studied much, I learn things quickly so high school was a breeze for me. I think I answered the rest above.

4. Where did you go to college and what for? from Mateya
I went to Herron School of Art & Design, studied visual communications

5. Do you use your pinky when you're type or is neglected?  from Mateya
I do indeed. I totally type the "proper" way. My pinkies have got the "A", Shift, Control & Enter on LOCKDOWN (geek!)

6. How do you manage to do all the things you do at such a young age? Blog, be funny, have a job, a house, etc. from Sarah
I don't really know how to answer this one! There's no secret formula I have hah! I have an old soul, I never had that 'go crazy, party party party, be irresponsible' phase. My parents opened me a bank account when I was young and I always put birthday and Christmas money in there. I've had a job since I was 16, I worked all through college, I got an internship my junior year of college and it turned into the full-time job I have now. 

I decided it would be "fun" to see if I could get my savings account up to $20,000 before I turned 21. I did it.  I lived with my parents til I was 22 then decided I wanted my own place and bought a house. 

Oh, I never kept journals or anything, so why I maintain a blog is beyond me ha! My humor comes from my parents... they're both witty and smart-asses and all around hilarious.
7a. If you could have any job (other than the one you have) what would it be? from Kelly 
7b. What is your dream job? from Mateya
I would love to own my own little home goods boutique where I sell items I create and also old trinkets & treasures & furniture I find. It'd be like everything I love for my own house all in one place, available for other people to buy! 

8. What don't you like to blog about? You know, the topics that come up in life and you're glad aren't on a direct feed to Blogger. from Adrian
I don't really blog about mainstream news, or celebrities... there's enough news stations & people that cover those things. I talk a lot about my work, my house, my crafty things, my baking, my travels, my pup, my fam and friends, clearly I have no problem discussing my relationships ha. There's nothing in particular I absolutely avoid though?

10. Are you afraid of old people? Snakes? Rats? from Whitney
No fears of old people, I am an old soul myself! Snakes are ok and I have held one a time or two... rats  are meh, can't say I'm a fan but not really scared of them either.

11. What's your biggest fear? from Lacey
Hmmm fear of commitment? Ha! I am a pretty indecisive person. I'm not sure! I'm not really afraid of dying, or flying, or heights or any of those other common fears. I refuse to 'settle' maybe that's a fear?

12. What's your ideal guy like, personality or looks wise?  from Adrian
Physically- I tend to go for tall and dark hair. I like guys who have their own lives, own hobbies, own friends, I don't do 'clingy and needy' very well. I want a gentlemen who opens doors and is polite. Someone family-oriented, as my family is very close-knit.  A guy who is confident in himself and driven, actually wants to go somewhere with his life. Someone that likes to travel and loves adventures. Someone who can actually hold a conversation and has a good sense of humor.  I can't date someone who says they are "bored" I don't do "bored". Boring people get bored.  Someone who is going to make me the center of his world with no doubt in my mind about his love for me.

13. Do you want children? If so, how many? If not, why not? from Sarah
Yea, I think I do... eventually. I am not ready to have any yet though. I enjoy being selfish and living only for ME right now! Probably a couple? I don't really have those set 'ideas' of how I want my future to look

14. How do you feel about being featured on my blog? Because you are my follow friday #2 post  ;) from Adrian
I feel HONORED! If you guys didn't see the super sweet post Adrian wrote up, you can go check it out here!

I've got about one more post worth of questions to answer! If you have more feel free to add them to the list and I will answer them in one of the upcoming postsPhotobucket


whit said...

Oh my...$20,000. I am IMPRESSED!!! Good for you!

Caitlin said...

Ok so I feel like a total slacker on my financial situation after this post. The money is my savings is my rent money that resides there so I don't blow it on shoes. Fail.
And number 12? LOVE. My one of my favorite lines from a tv show is when Betty (Mad Men) tells her son, "only boring people are bored." Amen.

tara said...

Totally impressed that you saved that much money! You are awesome!

EZsx5 said...

Hey.....what happened to #9??? ;)

Amanda said...

I love all of these answers! And I love that you're not a party girl, but every time I read your tweets, you're making jello shots for foooootball tailgates ;) The more I read, the more we have in common. How's the birthday week going?

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I'm laughing at Mateya's question about your pinky!!! Haha! Who asks that?!?!?! (I'm not poking fun - just laughing!)

Mateya said...

Love this! And I totally did not ask the pinky question but that made me laugh haah!

Mateya said...

Love this! And I totally did not ask the pinky question but that made me laugh haah!

Erica said...

uhhmmm you answered #13 wrong.

Do you want to have children:
"Well, I thought I did, but after all the TMI, effed up crap my friend Erica has shared with me about her pregnancy and what the hell your body does... I think I'm good with my perfect niece Olivia!"

you're welcome. ;)

Michelle (michabella) said...

$20,000....dang girl! That is awesome! And....you need to rock that side ponytail more often.