Questions & Answers : The Randoms

I'm finally getting a chance to post the last round of questions & answers from you all! I hope you guys got the answers you were hankerin for, it was a fun little chance for me to tell you about things I don't always think to blog about!

1. Chunky or creamy peanut butter? from Lacey
Definitely creamy. Chelsea no like chunky (side note: I spell definitely wrong every time I type it. EVERY time. Always a guaranteed red squiggly)

2. Do you drink rice/soy/almond milk or regular? from Lacey
Oh, plain jane here. Regular ol milk. 2% if you wanna get really personal!

3. What's your absolute favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning? from ~Haley~
Roll outta bed around 8-830 (I hate sleeping my days away), play with pup for a bit, enjoy a cup of coffee and then head out to the antique malls! Saturdays are usually crowded but I love the thrill of the hunt... most of my house is decorated with"old crap" as I lovingly refer to it=)

4. What's your favorite animal? from ~Haley~
How about top 3 -- Donkeys, Parrots & Polar Bears.

5. Besides Pinterest, where to get most of your crafting inspiration? from undomestic chica
I am are the queen of "I can make that myself!" I get a lot of inspiration from the 'made in Taiwan' things I see in stores. (Nothing against Taiwan...) I go into Pier1 or Anthropologie and walk out with 900 ideas of things to make

6 .I AM curious...what shampoo do you use? From Michabella
I'm not picky, but I am a hair product snob. My mom is a hairstylist so I only use salon brands but typically it's just whichever one she brings home for me! Right now I alternate between BedHeads' EpicVolume or Joico's Smooth Cure

7. What's your favorite beauty product? From Michabella
Johnson & Johnson baby oil. I use it every time I get outta the shower. I love the smell, love how cheap it is, love how soft it keeps my skin!

8. What can't you leave the house without (makeup/jewelry-wise). From Michabella
I don't really wear a ton of makeup, and am fine leaving the house without it.... but typically I'll throw mascara on atleast. Jewelry-wise, I almost ALWAYS have a watch on

9. What is your favorite movie? from Mateya
Easy. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. One of the ONLY movies I can watch over & over. Also at the top of my list: Dirty Dancing, Grease, Devil Wears Prada, and most other MattyMc movies

10. When are going to come to the farm and see me? :)  from Mateya
Whenever you invite me. Or whenever it's harvest time, so I get to ride in a combine and make hay cinnamon rolls. Whichever comes first

11. How about top 3 most-played songs on your ipod/itunes? from Crystal
Figures that I don't have my ipod on me today... please hold. I will have to update this later!

12. Who is your best friend and what did she get you for your birthday? :) from Jenn
Her name is Jenn, she lives in Las Vegas and she sent me a lot of minty chocolate candy (but not the tainted kind) and Martha and a little portion of a RT on a RedBelly!

13. Bang, Marry, Shovel: Matthew Mcconaughey, Brad Pitt, Prince William from Chelsea
Oh easy! Marry Prince William (what...  Michelle says I look like Pippa, and we all saw those two flirting like crazy at big brothers wedding), Bang MattyMc, shovel Brad Pitt (soo not an Angelina fan)

14. What's on your Christmas list for this year? from Chelsea
Eh I'm not a very good list maker. If it sparkles or makes me laugh, I'll take 2.  Please and thankyou

15. What item can you not live without?  from Amanda
Food. duh ;) I'd get pretty bored without spray paint or my sewing machine though. Not having a car would suck...

16. Do you enjoy reading, if so what's your favorite book? from Adrian
I love reading! When I go on vacation I have to take like 4books because all I do all day long is read while laying out (and I read SUPER fast!). I love Dan Brown books, I love silly chick lit, I love Chuck Palahniuk

17. If you could move anywhere in the US, where would it be? from Kelly
One time we were in Myrtle Beach and drove down to Charleston, SC for the day. Absolutely fell in love with it. I also made it out to SoCal this summer for a quick wkend trip but I could totally see myself fittin in there too.

I'm pretty content with Indy though, I don't see myself goin anywhere! 

18. if you could be any animal in the world, what would you be? From Michabella
Some sort of fish or bird, that has free roam to go anywhere I wanted.

19. Cold or hot? From Michabella
Hot! I'd prefer hot weather over cold anyday!

20. Beach or mountains? From Michabella
Mountains are beautiful, and snowboarding is a blast but beach. Hands down!

21. Who is your favorite person in FL? From Michabella
MICKEY MOUSE!!! Oh wait... I'm supposed to say you aren't I?

22. One celebrity guy, just one, who's going to be your number one pick? from Marian
Matthew McConaughey. As if you really had to ask. Or wait, I forgot about Ryan Gosling. Crap.
23.And hey, lets not be sexist, number one girl crush? from Marian
Hmmmm.... Mila Kunis

24. You are on a deserted island, what are the 5 things you want with you? from Marian
Hmmmm... 1. sunscreen (what, who wants a horrible sunburn!? 
2. a laptop with wireless (hello, music)
3. bug spray (not really ok with getting eaten alive)
4. a lounge chair
5. a plane, so I could fly my friends in ;)

25. What are your bingo strategies? from Whitney
I wish! I have none, I'm actually pretty terrible... I just got lucky that one time!

And that, my friends, concludes this session of Q&A. Because, really, how did all of you survive before you knew my #1 celeb girl crush?! 



Michelle (michabella) said...

Mila Kunis....nice choice.

And yeah... I am suppose to be your favorite person in FL. Mickey Mouse isn't real. GASP!

I love me some BedHead and Joico! I get it at TJMAXX b/c its cheaper there :)

Matthew McConaughey is MINE, woman. Hands off.

Mateya said...

I love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days too...it helps that it is on TBS like every weekend :)

Harvest is over now (thank God!) so you might have to wait until next fall, but the cinnamon roll hay things are made in the spring. You can come then and you are ALWAYS invited!

Holly said...

Love this! Loved learning about you! We should travel to Charleston sometime!! My aunt and uncle lived there and we would always go visit when my fam vacationed in SC. Beautiful city! Plus, I know a blogger there :)