Mixer & Mingle Friday: Atomic Fireball

I have an extra tasty shot for you guys, in honor of fall weather and Halloween...

This weekend I'm tellin you to try the  
Atomic Fireball
Ever heard of it??

It's 1 part Red Stag (Jim Beam's Black Cherry Infused Bourbon) + 1 part Dekuyper Hot Damn. Combine it in a shaker with ice, serve as a shot.

I know, I know, you just said EWWW! But believe me... it's good. It's like this cinnamony warm-you-up goodness.  Try it. (You know, only if you're 21. and have a designated driver. don't be dumb this weekend kiddos!)



Michelle (michabella) said...


Sounds interesting. What are your Halloween plans woman?

the girl in the red shoes said...

Sounds perfect for Halloween! The groomsmen at my wedding brought Hot Damm into the limo....good times for sure!

Marian said...

Yeah, I'm kind of scared of this one...but it may just be the name

Amanda said...

I think I might need some cinnamony warm me up goodness with this "storm" that's heading our way over in New England.

Live*Laugh*Love said...

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whitney said...

first: didn't know jim beam had that. adding to my shopping list pronto!

two: i will try this immediately.

enjoy your jello shots this weekend. and stay warm. it is freaking freezing here!