Mixer & Mingle Friday : favorites

I'm not feelin real 'thirsty' this morning, so I'm gonna post a little recap of my favorites for those of you who haven't been hanging around these parts too long.

Now that the weather is turning, it's time to start mixing some cocktails and enjoying them on the your patio of choice!

1) Hands down, the best pool and patio drink of summer. Bombpop Lemonade

2) Showing some love to you beer folks with a few Brewtails

3) The brand that I single-handedly keep in business thanks to my addiction,Whipped Jack Rum

4) The cocktail that tastes nothing like alcohol, rootbeer & rootbeer

5) When you wanna taste the *spiked* rainbow

6) When you need a cocktail that NO ONE will turn their nose up to, Alize

7) When you really just want to drink your dessert

8) My favorite shot these days, Breakfast of Champions

9) Sometimes you just need a caffeine kick

10) And for those days you're feeling vain and only care about the looks



Krystal said...

You're making me thirsty....I will save this and reference in oh, about, 9 months. LOL

Michelle (michabella) said...

Hungover are we?

Nelson Souzza said...

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