An ode to DrP.

Hi, my name is Chelsea. I say that I don't drink soda, but it's a lie. Anytime I drinkdrink my go to mixer is soda. Dr. Pepper to be exact (and no, Mr Pibb doesnt cut it)

If you've been using Coke all along, you are sadly mistaken.

Things that taste amazing with Dr. Pepper:
Pinnacle Whipped Vodka
Jack Rum Whipped
Red Stag Black Cherry whiskey
Jack Daniels (my dad and I lovingly refer to these as a Dr. Jack)
Jim Beam (again, Dr. Jim)
Effen Black Cherry Vodka
Cruzan Black Cherry Rum
Cruzan Vanilla Rum
Three Olives Super Cola vodka
Bacardi Oakheart

Should I continue?

And don't you dare forget about the best nod to Dr Pepper ever - the Flaming Dr Pepper

You and me Doc, we're soulmates. You + me + alcohol = the best love triangle ever.


Kerr said...

I love dr p, im going to have to try out these combos!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I'd appreciate if you backed off my man Dr P..... I will cut you.

I adore this post. Dr P is da man! <3

whitney said...

you would.

christin said...

i used to drink soco and dr pepper. amazing. i need to re-visit it. so delicious.

Sandra said...

If you're ever in Austin I take you to get a flaming Dr.P!

Kelly said...

Omigosh. I was HELLBENT on getting a flaming dr pepper on my birthday last year but geez... who knew there was a fire ordinace in downtown Minneapolis?? ;-D I tried sososososo hard for our bartenders to just use their lighters for just one quick second, but no dice.

Mateya said...

Oh man I tried Dr. Pepper once and couldn't stop burping. That stuff is BUBBLY!

Shannon Dew said...

ok a couple of things. i have been wanting to try the whipped vodka for longer than i care to admit and now that you say i can mix it w/my favorite carbonated beverage, i want it even more. thank you.

Amanda said...

Dr. Pepper shots anyone? Have you ever had those? Happy Friday! I could have used a drink like 6 hours ago, but that's neither here nor there.

undomestic chica said...

I love that you post these kinds of things. I should remember to pull up your blog when I'm out and want to order something other than my usual.

Ashley said...

I'm so with you, girl- love me some Dr. P. Have a fab weekend :)

Jax said...

Oh I love me some Dr. P.. and I agree about Mr. Pibb not cutting it.

Katie said...

Dr. Pepper is infinitely better than coke. way underrated.