"Is it fun?"

One of the most common questions I get in regards to resorts & vacation locations is "Is it fun??". I've always struggled with that one.

The truth: I've never been anywhere where I didn't have fun. Do I stay at 5 star resorts with luxury robes and room service? Heck. No. I usually average about a 3 star, my motto: if there's a beach and a bed, book it.

So, I'll share with you some tips on how to guarantee you have maximum fun on your next trip.
Ready? Got pencil and paper? Take notes. 

Step 1)
Make friends with the workers at the reception desk. They will be more than happy to hold onto your key while you go down the street to the 'discotheque' and will let you hang out and watch the walks of shame into the wee hours of the morning when you come back.

Step 2)
Make friends with the bartenders. They will do shots with you. And make you a priority in front of the 20 other people waiting to order. And have your drink ready and waiting before you even get to the bar.

Step 3)
Make friends with the entertainment crew. They will let you in on all the fun stuff going on around the resort, they won't make you do water aerobics or anything lame. They will come entertain you with dance parties while you're laying out. They will take you off the resort to all the fun, local places so you can get a real taste of the island.

Step 4)
If bingo is offered, play bingo. I promise you it will be hilarious. And you will win. And if you are doing this in sequential order, you will be buddy-buddy with the entertainment crew, so they will give you the best prize.

Step 5)
Hang out at the karaoke bar. You will make memories.

Step 6)
Chill out. Just seriously, chill out. That's what I want to tell half the snippity people I meet on vacation. Everything is laid back. It's ok. Embrace it. Don't freak out because you have to wait 10 minutes for a drink, just order 2 at a time next time. The more relaxed you are, the more enjoyable it will be.

So now I'm curious -- What tips would you add??

And thank you for tuning in to Chelsea's guide to fantastical vacationing. Adios! 


caitlin said...

totally with you on making friends with the front desk and the entertainment crew! always works out in your favor!

Holly said...

We need to vacation together! We'd have a blast! Thanks for the tips :) Too funny!

whitney said...

so what you are saying is that i need to make friends when i go?

and i can't have fun by myself?

Carolyn said...

Love this! :) Great tips!

Stac said...

I have only been to the same type of resorts as you have. I agree 100% with your tips. I would also suggest bringing plenty of $1 bills to tip with. A few dollars will go a long way with the bartenders and entertainment staff. I must say I haven't went off site with the staff so I have a mission to accomplish on my next trip. Also, try bringing a big insulated mug...your drinks stay cold and you don't have to go up as many times. One more....DONT TAKE PICTURES OF OTHER PEOPLE.... We were taking photo's of people in our group and someone thought we were taking their photo..um no..so just keep your camera put away then nothing will be questioned. I love to travel and I love hearing your stories... tell us more about your last trip. Stacey

Erica said...

Your motto is spot on.

Monica said...

Love it! I do all these things on every trip and never ever have a bad time :)

Mateya said...

Weren't you the one who told us to take our own cups for drinks on our honeymoon? That was a great idea and so many people commented on them and said they wished they would have done it too!

Amanda said...

The only thing missing for me is an actual vacation.... I need to get on planning that.

Caroline said...

I couldn't agree more!

Jen said...

Awesome tips!!!! I am looking forward to laying on the beach next week!!

Adrienne said...

Make friends, make friends, make friends. Got it ;)

Thanks for the great tips!

I would add be flexible! To the relax portion. We'd have missed out on some awesome adventures if we hadn't been totally flexible and willing to jump at new things in Greece :)

deertale said...

In ready for a vacation now :)

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

GOOD advice! I'll remember it when I go on vaca.

I don't have any tips to add.

I suck. I can't afford to travel.