Tip of the palm tree

That's what they tell me Punta Cana means. Supposedly. My one semester of Spanish isn't begging to differ, so we will go with it.

If you want my actual legit review, I always post them on TripAdvisor (a great source if you are planning a vacation and want honest opinions) however, I'll just post the fun version on here.

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana. It was HUGE. and swanky, in a rock and roll kind of way.

Frosted glass doors on the bathroom stalls

HUGE walk-in shower

Do you think they were inspired by Pinterest?

Jacuzzi in the middle of the room

Rod Stewart watching you on the toilet

Eagles lyrics above your bed

Rockstar balcony

Madonna's blinged out limo

It was a pretty laid back trip all in all though, we did a lot of lounging by the pool or beach. But you won't hear any complaints from me! I was born to live that lifestyle ;)

I spent a little too much time in the casino, however after I turned $20 into a benjamin plus some at the roulette table the first night I couldn't quite help myself!

I wasn't the only winner either, my mama won BIG at the penny slots ;)

It was a great little girls getaway. Settling back into reality has been hard. I'm tellin you - I belong on a beach!


Carolyn said...

Looks like a great trip, and what a cool hotel!!! :)

KRISTIN said...

I am so jealous! what a cool hotel!

Katie said...

that hotel looks awesome! we didn't stay there when we went, but may have to look into it if we go back!!

Mateya said...

Yeah I think you definitely do belong on a beach. You should look into working for some major resort as their graphic designer ;)

Caroline said...

We saw it on the way to our hotel and it did look NIIIIICE!

Kendra said...

That looks so nice. I can't wait to go. I'm not staying there but I have a friend that's staying there this fall. Glad you loved it!

Holly said...

That hotel looks amazing! I was born to live by the sea also. Vacation soon??

Monica said...

looks/sounds like a great trip!

tara said...

take me with you next time?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun place to stay! I'd love that shower everyday...