Genius in the form of alligator clamps

Last summer, towards the end of the season I was perusing the endcaps at Target (THE place to find all the good bargains) and stumbled upon quite possibly the most genius things ever invented.

No, not sliced bread. Towel clips!

Picture in your mind, the last time you were on the beach, all tanning-oiled up, ear buds in, magazine in hand, ready to settle onto your chair. When that lovely ocean breeze whips your towel into your face again. And again. And again. And damnit, screw it I'm just getting in the ocean.

Fear not, boca clips to the rescue!

When I put this picture on Instagram everyone was asking where to get them, lucky for you kids I did all the leg work and tracked down the name and links to buy them!

Parrot Boca Clips

Flamingo Boca Clips
Tropical Fish Boca Clips

I will caution you, after a few drinks when you and your friends start daring each other to clamp them onto various body parts, it hurts. Don't do it. Not speaking from experience, just a guess. 



whitney said...

there you go again. impressing me.

Michelle (michabella) said...

Those are pretty dang sweet! Good find!! I love browsing the end caps at Target!

christin said...

if i ever went on a vacation or to the beach, i'd get these. but i'm a loser. so i'll let all the deserving folks buy them.

i need a life.

Caroline said...

Very cool!

Domesticated-Bliss said...


Kelly said...

Hahaha, "oh screw it, I'm getting in the ocean" ;-D I saw these at Targt the other day too!! I also saw little clips for your towel for if you want to wear it around your waste without falling down. Neat stuff :-)

Monica said...

Haha This is genius!

Adrienne said...

That is SO awesome! A genius invention. Consider those babies on my shopping list!