Do you ever have those weekends that just recharge you and make you fall in love with your life all over again?

That's what this past weekend did to me! 

It's funny because it was nearly a year ago that I wrote about becoming a YES girl. As with all things, ambitions fade, the cold weather keeps you cooped up, you settle into a routine.

But everything got shook up this weekend! I was out bar crawling with coworkers and a soon-to-be-great girlfriend Thursday night, Friday brought a country concert and a whole new batch of acquaintances, Saturday left me lingering around a bonfire til the wee hours in the morning and come Sunday I was sending out invites for a tacky Easter bash and wrapped up the weekend enjoying dinner with one of the few good friends still left from the high school days.

I'm getting back to my "yes girl" roots, and am happier than ever with the outcome!


Michelle (michabella) said...

DANG!! Fun weekend!!!!! Holla to being a yes girl!

Kendra said...

AH, I love this..it looks so fun. I watched Yes man the other day and my brother and I had a talk about how we needed to be more fun and say yes more..so we drove all over north carolina yesterday and went through almost a whole tank of gas!

Jax said...

Love it, girl! And oh how I love the weekends that recharge you. I told someone I felt as though I came out of winter hibernation this last weekend. I just felt alive and wanted to do EVERYTHING.. haha.. :)

christin said...

I'm so jelly of your weekend. Glad the yes girl is coming back!

Mateya said...

Yes! Although I am exhausted I had a similar weekend, with less (read: no) alcohol inovlved, but I definitely feel recharged :)