Mixer & Mingle Fridays : Tequila Bottles

I'm a very aesthetic person (I partially blame my parents!). I like things that look good. Alcohol doesn't miss the radar on this category either! Thanks to my job I get to see lots of bottles daily, and am exposed to ones that I may not see in my local grocery store or liquor store.

If I'm going to have alcohol out on a sideboard or bar, I want it to be pretty, or atleast interesting! Not only can unique bottles be a conversation starter, but they also add a bit of spark to your decor!

So today I'm going to share some of my favorite tequila bottles with you...
One of my newer favorites is Corzo Tequila. It reminds me of a flask or a cologne bottle! I love the squared off design

1800 Tequila had an artist's series, where various artists designed bottles. Tell me that these wouldn't spark conversation!

I love the purple (anejo) Casa Noble bottle, I think all three together would make a fun little display for a margarita/fiesta party!

I have the El Zarco Gold bottle (the purple one) on my bar right now... every person who comes to my house picks it up to check it out!

Maestro Dobel has a pretty masculine and sleek bottle.I bet you can think of a gentleman in your life who would appreciate this as a gift!

Pink lovers! Gran Centenario's Rosangel Tequila would add a touch of pink to your liquor cabinet!  (or make a perfect little gift for a girlfriend!)

I like the dimpled bottle and unique shape of Sauza's Tres Generacionnes too!

That's just my input on the topic! Do you choose a bottle by it's shape? All the bottles I mentioned have awfully tasty stuff inside too, if you're into that! ;)

Not only would they look great on your own bar, they make a pretty cool and unique gift too!

(I'm not being compensated in anyway, I just like to share things I find interesting! All bottle images are property of the brands/suppliers)



Kerr said...

I am ready for a drink now! It might be a little early....

Melissa Jo said...

Now I'm definitely ready for the weekend. Tequila is my vice!

I definitely choose MOST bottles based on what they look like. Except for tequila! Sauza Blanco is my fav so I don't venture too far far from it at home, but out I'll try just about any tequila.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Neely said...

Ugh I cant handle tequila anymore

love jenny xoxo said...

yummmm Tequila! I love it, and pretty tequila is even better!


Sara said...

so pretty! I love a beautiful collections of bottles on our bar.

Amber said...

I can completely relate. I swear I am an advertisers dream. I will buy a product (especially wine & makeup) simply becuase I like how it is packaged. :)

Pamela said...

oh my gosh I love the 1800 bottles! SO cute!!

Aubrey S. said...

I really like the 1800 bottles. Yum...tequila. Do you think I could get away with margaritas for dinner?

Adrienne said...

Our current fave is Cruz Tequila (http://cruztequila.com/), a local blend (for us in AZ anyways!)

It's smooth and wonderful!

I really like the Zarco bottles!

I guess the Cruz bottle is a little plain, but it's classic? ;)