Describe your weaknesses

Does anyone else compare preparing to an interview with studying for a big exam? It's like... I already know the standard questions that will probably get asked, now to just prepare my answers for them!

  • Why should we hire you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What's your greatest strength?
  • What's your biggest weakness?
  • Describe a difficult situation at a job, and how you overcame it.

What is the weirdest interview question you've ever had?
How about the "Which animal do you think you relate best to?" I mean... really?! How the heck do you answer that one?!

"Well, sir, I find myself pretty well aligned with a gazelle. I just keep running and running praying that I don't get eaten alive today."

Any interview tips/good answers you want to throw my way - please do, I welcome them with open arms. I already know I'm going to have this on my mind all. day. long.


Mateya said...

First of all, relax! You will do fine. I have facilitated a lot of interviews and there have seriously only been like 3 times where I was like "Wow! That person is an idiot." So you should be fine haha just kidding, but seriously you will be fine.

Just be yourself, obviously the people already like you so just remember that. They asked you to apply for a reason.

Just make them know that you are excited for the opportunity to bring something new to the table and expand your career within the company.

Jamie Pickle said...

Congrats on getting the interview. I am sure you will do great. I HATE interviews!!!

Krystal said...

At my current job they asked me what color I would be ... umm? I said I would be yellow because I'm fun and bright and light? Who the f knows. I got hired though. Ha!

Melissa Jo said...

More than anything, remain confident in what you say. Explain each answer throughly & try to actually answer the question instead of just rambling on. Incorporate examples of behaviors they are looking for in your answers. My favorite question to ask back is, "Tell me about your ideal person for this position" and then reply with how you meet those ideals. Good luck!

Neely said...

I once got asked about my long term relationship history....weird

Michelle said...

The best way to deal with an interview is to relax and not get flustered. So many people come in and are so nervous you can't get a good sense of who they are. Best of luck to you!!

Tori and Chad said...

I've gotten the animal question a lot. I always say a dolphin because I love the sun. It's cheesy but true.

Did I ever tell you about my job in Colorado? So I worked at the county workforce center and one of the things we did to help our kiddos get ready for the dreaded what is your weaknesss is encouraged them to follow it up with your solution. So even though it's not really true, I say "I can be a bit forgetful. I write everything down so I can stay on top of things."

Abby said...

Pllllleeeeeease use the gazelle analogy!!!! Hi.Lar.I.Ous. I'm totally LOL.

I'm going to be cliched and say...be yourself!!!

Good luck, friend!

Tiffany said...

I'm so like you.....I was lucky and due to the weather it was rescheduled. But I think about it non-stop..leading up to the actually second. UGH. I'd much rather write my answers down and hand it to em' LOL