The job situation

Well, after a good sprucing up of the ol' resume and some left brain/right brain debating, I decided to go for it and apply for the job Mr. Higher Up informed me of on Thursday.

I have been talking a lot lately with Chris and my parents, and venting to my Las Vegan about how stuck I felt down here in the design department. There's only two of us in the "department". Before my boss/supervisor was hired the company outsourced all their design work. Then he came along, and 3 months later I joined the team.

We have enough work to keep the two of us busy. But I don't see our department growing any in the near future. So you can see where this is going... Unless he decides to jump ship, my pretty little tush ain't goin nowhere!

In addition to the lack of possibilities of advancement, I'm just plain getting sick of staring at a computer 40 hours a week! I think it's a bit of a culprit on the headache situation too.

ANYWAYS, I sent over my resume and landed myself an interview on Tuesday morning.

And then I began panicking.

The new position will have me out in the field selling booze directly to the bars/restaurants, working on how to promote the products, and planning promo's & parties. I'm excited at the possibilities, but I keep lingering on the nagging thought that I'm unqualified. Then I keep reminding myself that the guy (he is the head of sales dept) who will be interviewing me SENT ME the email saying I should apply, obviously he feels like I could handle it!

I love the fact that I will be able to earn commission and incentives (trips to distilleries, $$, televisions, I've even seen people get jet ski's and new cars!). Plus I'm pretty sure the base pay is more than what I'm currently making! I love that I will be out in the market instead of sitting in a windowless office. And I love that there will actually be plenty of avenues to advance.

I hate that I'm interviewing with two people I know in the company. One is the girl who had the position I would be taking over (she got a promotion) and the other is the VP of the sales division. I keep thinking I'm going to make a fool of myself, and then I'll still have to see them around here!

Hey they say you should only regret the chances you didn't take, right... so I'm goin for it!


Bri said...

Good luck with this next step in your career - sounds exciting!

Molly said...

Good Luck girl! You will do GREAT! Can't wait to hear when you land the job (which you WILL).

Aly said...

You are going to do great! He wouldn't have approached you if he didn't think you were a good fit! Just be yourself at the interview!

Anonymous said...

So exciting! You're going to do amazing!!!

Tiffany said...

Good Luck! I actually have an interview of my own coming up soon, with two people whom I currently see on a daily basis...ah!

Aubrey S. said...

Here's the thing. If you turn out not to have the qualifications needed, you can get feedback for the future since it's an internal position. You won't have that to grow with if you don't apply or if the position were outside the company.