Lockdown - a follow up

The story about the "escaped convict" finally hit the news! Here's the link to what actually happened... Man Arrested in Chase after 2 Days on Loose and another story here

Apparently this 48 year old fella was going through an ugly divorce with his wife. He had been posting naked pictures of her to the internet, calling & threatening her (and their daughters life), harrassing her on facebook and craigslist... the wife was living in a domestic violence shelter it had gotten so bad.

From what I understand, One story says he was at the courthouse and found out he'd be going to jail and said he had to get something from his car (really... the cops let him!?) and he stole a car and took off...

That led police on a chase until he wrecked the car and took off on foot. While he was being chased he was calling & threatening his ex-wife more, and the cops traced the pings from his cell phone and eventually found him between two houses (I wish I knew which two!)

I feel much better knowing it was just some post-divorce kook, and not some cannibalistic rapist... ha! Ay yi yi.


Aly said...

Wow that is insane! What a whacko!

Neely said...

He sounds like a whack job!

Caroline said...

Oh gosh. That's so scary!!!

Holmes said...

That's CRAZY! The thought of someone hiding between my house and the next totally freaks me out! Glad they caught him.