I've always been impartial to Mondays. My mom is (always was) a hairstylist, so Monday's were always her day off. They were the day I would come home from school and get to help her fold laundry and then we'd watch Guiding Light. In the summers, Monday's were the days that we'd run errands and go shopping.

In 2001, my grandma lost her battle with leukemia. My grandpa, bless his heart, never really cooked a meal in his life so my mother and her two brothers & sister took it upon themselves to "assign" my grandpa to an evening (or two) at each of their houses every week. Since my mom is off work Mondays, Monday nights became the evening that grandpa came to our house for dinner.  In college, I would try to schedule my classes so I would only have one on a Monday, or sometimes I would just skip my Monday class to hang out with mom, and I never made plans with friends on Monday nights, because it was family night!

Now that my brother moved back from Chicago and him and Courtney are expecting, they come out for Monday night dinner quite a bit. Chrischris typically makes an appearance at dinner as well. 

Now that I have a "real job", I don't get the joys of hanging out with my momma on Mondays, I miss those days. I'm glad we still have Monday nights though. The best part is that we don't HAVE to be here - we just all choose to be here. To come hang out, and spend a little time with each other (and enjoy moms cooking, of course!) 

Do you have any certain days that hold a special place in your heart?

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Emily said...

That's cool that you have a reason to not hate Mondays!! Saturdays are my favorite for obvious reasons!