That's how I feel today.
Not blah in the sick way, just blah in the attitude way. I got two new cookie cookbooks (I LOVE making cookies) for Christmas, and was flipping through them with the intent of making cookies, but nothing looked appealing. I went to the antique mall, and wandered around there for a good hour or two, but didn't find anything. I sat down to sew, and made a block for one WIP, a block for another, and then was just burnt out with that too.

I don't know what my deal is! I've been really anxious lately, and am hoping that it fades after Tuesday's biopsy. My niece will be here soon... that makes me excited, but today that excitement won't stick around.
I can't figure out a darn thing that will shake this mood though! I've tried playing Wii, catching up on my blogs, I even washed my hair (dirty hair makes me grumpy. Super grumpy. Just ask ChrisChris) but nothing is working.

I think I'll just figure out how to be content with my grumpus mood today. It doesn't look like it wants to go anywhere, and I am tired of fighting it! Do you ever have this problem? How do you shake it? Help!! Ha


Leigh said...

I totally get that. I'm having a grumpus day today too, and I haven't even attempted sewing because I know something would go wrong and I'd be even more grumpy! All I can do is wait for bedtime and hope I feel better tomorrow. And chocolate can't hurt ;)

Neely said...

I feel ya I was a grumpy mcgrumperson yesterday and very blah. Having the blahs is just how we girls roll :)

Hope your day gets better...sending some love your way :)