Let's chat about vacations

How's your weather? Cold, bitter, snowy, unbearable and not conducive to 4" peep toes? Mine too. (To all of you readers that have 80degree winter, I despise you right now.)

It makes me daydream about vacations! Or playcations. Or staycations. Or any other economy-induced variation of the word. Anything that doesn't involve draggin my sleepy butt into my windowless office at 8am every day.

What's your favorite? I want input! I am stuck in a Caribbean rut. Not that it's a bad rut, but a rut never the less. I don't ever want to go anywhere else when it comes to trip planning. What's your dream vacation? Have you already been on it? What makes a trip perfect in your eyes?

C'mon, share, let's be BFF's! I'll spill the beans on my favorite(s) later!

(Oh, those cute luggage tags up there- they are by Pamela Barsky, I got mine from See Jane Work and I LOVE them!)


Sarah Pead said...

I grew up vacationing in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. In my opinion it's the best place in the world to spend a summer vacation. It's a fabulous island off the coast of North Carolina and is super "homey." I'm not a big fan of "beach resort" type places b/c I like the solitude and relaxation that comes with a family-style beach. The entire island has an ordinance that doesn't allow a single fastfood restaurant and you won't find super crowded beaches either. If you wanna see pictures of this beautiful place, check out the following posts under the "Travels" section of my blog: "The Pier," "Beautiful People," "Lee's Loft," and "By the Seashore."

Neely said...

My boyfriend and I are staycationing this weekend for Valentines. We make a deal where we cant do anything that is more than 15 miles away and dinners cant cost more than $30. I posted a blog about it a while back and now we are doing another. But we are going on a vacation to Chicago in a few weeks!

What's New with Mrs.T said...

I love always having a vacation "on the calendar". Something to look forward too, and to get you through those rough days and weeks. Lover and I are going to Aruba for our 1 year wedding anniversary!!! Cannot wait!! Its seriously the best place ever. Been there 5 times now!