He's a keeper

ChrisChris told me to be ready and at the condo by 4 o'clock. He said I didn't have to get super fancied up (thank goodness, because the thought of going out in this weather in anything but my not-so-chic red winter coat made me grunt in disgust!)

I arrived at 3:30 (freakin' saint valentine's miracle! This girl is never on time, let alone early.) to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a box of Andes Mints, YUM my favorite, and some other goodies. He gave me a really sweet card and I let him open his gift.
I got him this Diesel watch, I didn't want to share on here because I know he has looked at my blog a time or two and didn't want to chance it! He finished getting ready then we headed off to our first destination! (I was told that it was a two part surprise!)

Chrischris had made us dinner reservations at the restaurant we had our first date at (which was also his birthday! But that's another story), Mama Carolla's, a DELICIOUS little Italian restaurant in Indy. Here's the best part - he even made sure we sat at the same table as our date. Adorable, I know!

After dinner we headed off to surprise #2 - he took me to see Valentine's Day! I had been talking about it non-stop and I loved that he sacrificed sitting through a girly movie for me! All-in-all it was my favorite Valentine's Day yet! Nothing over the top or super expensive, we just spent a thoughtfully planned day together, and I loved it!


Neely said...

Chad and I saw that movie too!! I hope you liked it :)

Annie said...

awww...sounds like a perfect V-Day!!