Once upon a time....

Once upon a time I went to Jamaica in March for a little thing called spring break. Then I went again in August. And then again in January. No, I'm not obsessed or anything, I just kind of fell in love with the place. They food, the scenery, my god the general attitude towards life! It just amazed me, I made friends with locals who literally lived in shacks on the beach and they were such happy people. It didn't matter that their house was 3ft x 3ft, it was a home. The one thing I left knowing was that so much of their passion revolved around music. I've had such an affinity for reggae ever since my first trip there!

Of course, Mr. Marley can always put a smile on my face, even in the worst of moods. With another doctors appointment looming tomorrow morning, I've been listening to my reggae XM station : The Joint non-stop! (Not to mention, this Nickelodeon Noggin version of the video is absolutely adorable!)

Just like Bob says, every little 'ting is gon' be alrite! Hope ya'll had an amazing weekend, hear's to kickin off March the right way! Since this will be my first year as a "grown up" sans spring break, I plan on ending this post with a little picture-reminiscing of sun, sand and unlimited drinks (hey, who doesn't love an all-inclusive resort!)

(I love this photo of my pal Jason - he would sell his paintings and conch shells)
(Meet my pretty friend Mandi, love her!)
(That fellow with the crazy hair was ALWAYS singing)

Ok, ok I'll spare you. I truly do love that country though, and I would KILL for some authentic jerk chicken right now. 


Mateya said...

So fun! Where did you go in Jamaica? What resort? We are thinking about Jamaica for our honeymoon...I would love any tips!

Cotton Yarn said...

its very funny pictures. thanks for sharing us.

Annie said...

We went to Jamaica last June...it was awesome. The people are all so great. We danced to Bob Marley-Is this Love for our first dance at our wedding :)