5 for Friday: Pet Peeves

Do you all remember my friend Jenn (I dedicated a whole post to her here) that up and moved to Salt Lake City, well she finally hopped on the blog bandwagon and has started a fun new feature - 5 for Friday's. This week's topic is Pet Peeves, and  you all KNOW I have more than 5! Hah!

1. THAT GUY that talks bad about something just because everyone else likes it.
I have someone at my work who does this. If anyone mentioned the Colts he was like "GO SAINTS", but in reality he went out and bought a Colts jersey. I can't stand people who try to be obnoxious.

2. Serial bail-ers.
You all know one of these people. They always agree to plans until something better comes along, or they have an excuse every time for backing out. Drives me insane. Just say you don't want to join in the first place! I don't get it...

3. Leaving doors & cabinets open / lids off things
Ahhem, Chrischris does this all the time. He puts away dishes and will leave like 3 cabinet doors wide open. Really? Yah can't exert the energy to close them? Haha!

4. On the topic of doors, when gentlemen don't hold the door open.
What the heck happened to chivalry? Yes, I do expect you to open the door for me, even if I don't know you and you're just walking into a store before me, I expect you to hold it open. Otherwise I will reply "thanks for holding the door jackBUTT (pardon the language). Yes, I did say I expect it. I hold doors for people! Men, women, children, it doesn't matter! It's so rude to let it slam in someones face if they're two steps behind you!

5. Being in the fast lane if you aren't even going fast.
I have to take the interstate every morning on my way to work. And every morning I deal with people going 50 in the left lane! There are 3 lanes my friends, if you are passing be my guest - cmon over, but if you are lollygagging please choose the lanes located to the left and far left. I typically have to go 75 to get to work on time, and you get in my way and hinder my ability to make it to work on time. Please stop. Plain and simple.

Take a little venture over to Jenn's blog, Jagged Little Life, and play along!


Neely said...

I am with you on serial bailers. I have some people in my life like that and its always so annoying. I hate being the "unless something comes up " plans :(

Annie said...

I am with you on all five of your peeves!! My hubs leaves ALL cabinets open...seriously, is it that hard to SHUT IT?