My version of bargain shopping

I'm a sucker for a bargain. It's part of the reason I love antiquing, thrift stores and CraigsList! I just love the thrill of the hunt. One of my good friends, Jenn, and I spend most days exchanging CL links on gchat! (By the way she just spruced up an incredibly fun 6-person dining set, you should go check it out!)

So of course my brain went into overdrive as soon as I closed on my house! It's not even move-in-able yet, but I've already got some key pieces taken care of. You saw the couch, which I purchased from an outlet here in town (used couches give me the heebies unless it's from a friend or family... is it just me?!)

I happened to fall in love with this china cabinet at a local antique mall. It was actually a few weeks before I even closed on the house, so SHH don't tell my realtor, he would have scolded me if he knew I bought furniture before the deal was even finalizied. But when I noticed the price tag said $145 I thought it had to be a misprint! A solid, wood, well-built china cabinet like this does not go for that cheap! Needless to say I had a HOLD tag on it immediately, and now it's sitting in layaway waiting to be brought to it's new home!

I am thinking I want to paint it white, similar to this beautiful piece I found online one night (I can't remember which blog I saved it off of though! Help identify if you know please!!)

This console was for sale by the same seller at the antique mall, and only $16. You can always use an extra side table, right?!
The intricacies of my console remind me of this yellow table from All Things Thrifty... I want to do something similar with mine!

I've been perusing for a dining room table and chairs too. Out of sheer luck (or the CLgods smiling down on me) I hoped onto Craigslist after lunch and the very first listing in the Furniture section was for a dining table and 4 chairs for $80. I got excited. I clicked. I fell in love. I imagined twirling in fields of sunflowers together.

No really...

I immediately emailed the post-er, and am picking it up tomorrow! I have big plans for this little lady!

Have you found anything good lately?

(You can also check out my thrifty master bedroom set we scored last spring here!)


The Holmes said...

LOVE the dining room table. You got some awesome deals! Can't wait to see what you do with everything!

Erica said...

You would LOVE to redo my dining room set. We got a six person table and hutch set on Freecycle.com for FREE:) I have plans for it, but it's still in it's 30 year old glory currently. Can't wait to see your finished products!

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

I love it all! I can't wait to see your visions come to life!!

Neely said...

Great finds cant wait to see the finished products! You are so talented!

Mateya said...

Good work girlfriend....I'm impressed!

That hutch is amazing!

Oh yeah, and no used couches for me. thanks.

Michelle (michabella) said...

OOOO! Great finds!!!! <333