There's no better word to describe exactly how I feel right now. Except maybe gerbil wheel but that's actually two words. I keep trying to remind myself that I only got the keys 2 weeks ago and we've gotten a whole heck of a lot done in those two weeks... but sometimes it's just hard to stay upbeat when the whole house is in a state of chaos!

Since getting the keys on the 17th of November:
Replaced all of the locks
Removed old linoleum floor in kitchen
Removed carpet in sitting room
Removed 2 layers of linoleum in sitting room
Removed lousy chair rail from dining room
Removed wallpaper from living room
Removed wallpaper from entry/stairway
Sand down walls to remove wallpaper gunk
Fix hole in master bdrm from door knob
Sanded down upstairs hardwood floors
Sanded down the bottom step because previous owner had a dog and it looks like someone took a cheesegrater to that step
Fixed cracks in walls (it is 70some years old after all)
Fixed other cracks you find while fixing the first cracks
Fixed the ceiling cracks
Tore down the wood paneling on the kitchen wall
Painted my craft room, but I hate it & it's getting repainted

And then there's the unexpected things that have popped up, like the decision to texturize the flat ceilings because, well let's be honest, a house built in the 30's has done some settling and there's atleast one tiny crack in each room... and it when you've stared at that little crack for two weeks it really starts to tick you off.

And sometimes when you decide to take off a light switch panel in the kitchen, 8 layers of paint decide to come off with it. And no, 8 isn't an exaggeration. And it's enamel paint, so it literally peels right off with your finger. So you might as well scrap all the peely paint off that wall since you already started the mess!

And then you notice that the iron railings at the bottom of the stairs have nearly 27 coats of paint on them, and no longer look like twisting iron but blobs. So you might as well go ahead and unbolt those and strip them down.

And all I want is painted walls. Paint makes a room look finished. I'm tired of looking at drywall putty covered walls. But before we paint the walls the ceilings need textured. And we need to finish all sanding before we texture anything so we don't get dust in the ceiling and paint. And then after that we have to stain floors. And after the stain is put down we'll be at a standstill because you can't walk on fresh floors for like 5 days.

Oh, and did I mention the entire downstairs bathroom is down to bare studs and no floor, because you couldn't even sit on the toilet without hanging your head on the sink So part of my extremely large pantry/closet and sitting room are becoming bathroom territory. Thank God my dad does a pretty good impersonation of a licensed electrician, plumber, and builder. Otherwise I might be up shit creek without a paddle!

And everyone is so sweet and asks how it's coming along, but in reality I just want to bite your head off. Because honestly, home renovation should not be scheduled around certain times of the month if you, ahhem, catch my drift.

Alexson over at Bigger, Better, Best hit the nail on the head when she said "And frankly, it makes me want to curl into a ball and eat seven pounds of M&Ms. "



Aly said...

aw girl im sorry! hang in there!

Marian said...

I wish we could take "home renovation leave" from work. That would be just great. Its like there isn't enough hours in the day. How am I suppose to make my house a home when I'm too busy working in order to pay for this home. Sigh. We'll get there one day, won't we???

Allyson and Dave said...

It takes time to make a house a home. Relax...it will all come together and it will be perfect.

Mateya said...

Oh man girl, I feel ya. Home renovation stuff pretty much blows! It's fun at first and then it's like okay this is definitely not fun anymore, I just freaing want it to be finished!

Don't beat yourself up over it...you are doing so much and it is going to be so great when you are finished. So what if it takes a little extra time, it will definitely be worth it in the end!

Annie said...

Just take it all in stride girly!! Its an adventure...and its not going to be done overnight!! Enjoy it as much as you can :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Oh my. It's such a journey!

Jenni said...

Oh goodess gracious... I sooo know what you're going through, cause I just went through it all myself over this past year. Just be patient with yourself and the whole process, and things will all come together before you know it. :)

Abby said...

The beauty of living in an older, outdated home - everything's an improvement and/or work in progress.

Look at the plus side: you are totally increasing the value of your new home AND you have an excuse for a messy house :)

Aubrey S. said...

I feel like this in our house sometimes. You just gotta take one room at a time and focus on the project. I know how overwhelming it is, but trust me, those baby steps add up.

Alexson said...

Ha! Love it. At Thanksgiving, everyone was asking how "How's the basement?" and all I could do was smile meekly and say, "It's getting there." while my soul shattered into a million pieces.

We're in the same boat!

L said...

Aww! Poor thing, I'm sure its stressful. When I think 'new house' all I think of is ohh how fun to decorate and pick paint colors! I forget to think about all the prepping like sanding and all that hard work that has to be done before you get to decorating, which is the fun part. I'll send patience your way ;) good luck with everything I wont ask how its all coming along, hahaha!

Lauren said...

Oh goodness. I just can't even imagine... I do not handle major projects like that very well! I know it is a huge undertaking... BUT. When all said and done, you'll look back on all of this mess and laugh, and then go sit on your incredibly fab couch and be so happy to have a home that is 100% you!! (Plus you can rant on the blog. Major major plus there!!)