Color me pretty!

I adore color. I've never been afraid of color, always embracing it. I daydream constantly of color combinations. I could sit for hours and come up with new ones. Whether it be in fabrics, paint or clothes. It was my favorite part of working in retail, dressing the mannequins.As anyone around me, I hate when things are too "matchy-matchy". I need pops of color, I need vibrant accessories! I will never be a plain jane tan & white kind of gal!

Chris has a side business painting, so he has this giant paint swatch book... before I even had the keys to my house I was carrying that thing around picking out colors for the rooms. I didn't go in with a general idea, I just picked what I felt was 'right'. It's an added bonus that all of the rooms have white trim and baseboards!

Luckily it worked out that all the colors meld together well!

1. Sitting Room - Sherwin Williams June Day (SW6682)
2. Kitchen - Valspar Light Avocado (CI47)
3. Living Room - Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki (SW6150)
4. Halls/Stairway - Sherwin Williams Wool Skein (SW6148)
5a. Dining Room, Below Chair Rail - Sherwin Williams Peppery (SW6615)
5b. Dining Room, Above Chair Rail - Sherwin Williams Lei Flower (SW6613)
6. Upstairs Bath - Sherwin Williams Underseas (SW6214)
7. 2nd Bedroom - Sherwin Williams Curio Gray (SW0024)
8. 3rd Bdrm (Craft Room) - Sherwin Williams Pink Flamingo (SW0080)
9. Master Bdrm - Sherwin Williams Hazel (SW6471)

*I haven't chosen the color for the 1/2bath downstairs, the sun room or the basement yet!

What do you think? I am in love with them!
(Although I may have to alter my living room pillow choices a bit)


love jenny xoxo said...

definitely pretty! Can you come to my house... i need advise!


Anonymous said...

Love all the colors! Glad you didn't stick with beige in all the rooms! :)

Mateya said...

Love it! I am so nervous when it comes to color like that! It's going to look so amazing! Good thing you have an expert painter to help you too :)

Neely said...

Great color choices! Cant wait to see your craft room!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Aw so pretty! I'm going to be totally envious of your craft room I know it!

Kristen said...

How fun! I hate white walls, and LOVE the colors you have picked!

Annie said...

LOVE!! Cant wait to see the "after" pictures!!

Tara said...

ok, i seriously love all these colors!!

we are wanting to paint our dining room red and our kitchen greenish too!!

i may have to steal #2 & #5a

Mrs. S said...

I just love all the colors that you picked- perfect!

Yea, I had the same lime green- shamrock debate.. I feel like Shamrock could be used more and looks better with the primary colors-
Hope you are having a good week!

Lauren said...

I love all of these!! And you are a girl after my own heart with your swatch board. :)