Things that are intimidating

-Filing Homestead Verification and Mortgage Verification forms for your taxes. I don't understand half of the terminology on the forms and am scared I'm going to mess up and end up in jail for tax fraud or something!

-Buying drywall and subflooring from Lowe's. Really, do I look like I know what 3/8" Luaun plywood subflooring is? Better yet do you think I can lift that?!

-Trying to buy things from Craigslist... why is everyone who sells stuff such a jerk!?

-Getting your first mortgage bill in the mail.

-Getting your first electric and gas bills in the mail. My checkbook is crying right now.

-Calling your home warranty company because your garbage disposal no longer works, and your furnace sounds like it's eating tin cans every time it kicks on(yikes)

-Staining floors. I ended up completing half of the master bedroom then letting my besties boyfriend do the rest. It was seriously stressing me out.

-Choosing curtain rods. What?! These are a big deal!

-The thought of doing any Christmas shopping right now, which I haven't hardly started... and am SERIOUSLY dreading. Chris & I ran by the mall Saturday afternoon and it was scary busy. I wish I wouldn't have waited until last minute so I could just buy on

-Asking my boss to sign my Request for Days Off form... I know I have the days to use, but he always makes me feel like I shouldn't be using them or something

I'mJustSayin. Please tell me you're intimidated by something today too!?


Anonymous said...

Those are definitely all intimidating things! :)

Another one for the list - booking wedding vendors! UGH. hahahaha

Caroline said...

I am intimidated by the credit card bill that will be arriving on Christmas Eve. Can you say Merry Christmas?!

Neely said...

I am intimidated by being single..seriously

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I'm intimidated walking through our legal department ....

Krystal said...

I hear ya on the requesting days off thing! We do our time off electronically so it gets sent to him and I'm like "ahhh please hit accept!"

Lauren said...

Girl you have been busy!! I just caught up on all the house posts. I seriously love checking in to see how things are going!

I hate how bosses intimidate you over things like time off. I was terrified to tell my boss that I had the flu - SWINE FLU. I really expected her to be angry at me and want me in the office. Some people just do not know how to manage others with anything other than fear and intimidation!

Alexson said...

Yikes, what a list! Choosing paint colors for spaces that are not your home is pretty intimidating. I'm started to see the appeal of beige. Beige everywhere!

Abby said...

I'm intimidated by the mess of a bedroom I should be cleaning right now so we have somewhere to sleep tonight!

Marcy XOXO said...

Girl I am intimidated that the HTB and I have to get ALL our Christmas shopping done tonight and we have only gotten one thing so far... YIKES! I am intimidated by the fact that I got 1 hour of sleep tonight and I just may go postal if I don't get at least five hours of consecutive rest tonight. I am intimidated by the fact that I have to be at three places on Christmas Eve alone... BRING ON THE NEW YEAR!!! Haha

Marian said...

Totally feeling you on the mortgage and bills front. December was our first payment and I wasn't a fan. Sigh. I'm also intimidated by the fact that Christmas is so close and I haven't finished shopping yet...or watch CHristmas movies.

Michelle said...

Umm pretty much EVERYTHING intimidates me! LOL

The first mortgage bill was a big freak-out moment, but it gets easier. We have it on automatic payments, so it's less scary...no need to write out a big, creepy check!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Oh.Em.Gee. Just reading your list intimidated ME!

I'm intimidated about my upcoming wedding in October. Budgets, venue, photographer, caterer... *sigh*.

That's my biggest thing right now. We live in an apartment, so no mortgages and what not.

Good luck with all that. Remember to take time for yourself. For me, that means wine and chocolate <3