Digging wells

Here in Indiana (and perhaps other Midwestern states) we have a whole slew of sayings to describe the climate come December.  One of my particular favorites - "it's colder than a well-diggers ass". I don't get it, I can't vouch for that particular occupations' bodily heat index, but it does make me giggle everytime I hear someone say it!

It snowed a majority of the weekend. We tailgated in 30some degree weather yesterday. Today, it's roughly 8degrees. And I'm pretty sure the heat in my office building is broken. I kid you not, it's maintaining a pretty constant 42 degrees if I had to guess. It feels like the arctic tundra. 

And the worst part? Ice cold toilet seats. Thank goodness alcohol doesn't freeze or we'd definitely be in trouble!

On a happier note however, I learned I have 3 vacation and a personal day left to use before the end of the year. I'm lovin that news!


Caroline said...

Geez....that's cold. Brrrrrrr! It's in the high 20's now and I am freezing to death. Enjoy your days before the end of the year!

Marian said...

Seriously, whenever it is wicked cold, I, for some reason, always have to use the bathrooom...and I think the exact same thing. I want to buy a toilet seat heater because nothing is worse than a cold toilet seat.

And yay for finding extra days. For the last 2 years I've been saving up my vacation days just so I'd have enough for our honeymoon, as well as a few days to go home for Christmas:)

Lauren said...

Ok that is just frigid. It's going to be 38 here in ATL today and I am wearing Uggs and you would think it is blizzarding out there! (Can we say drama queen?!) Hope you stay warm and enjoy those extra days off!!

Allyson and Dave said...

Cold toilet seats are the worst!! It was 41 this morning in Orlando. Craziness!! I did not want to get out the car to go in my office. I might have to turn on my heater tonight. I usually don't need it until Jan.

Mateya said...

Cold toilet seats are the worst!

We had the freakishly cold weather last week...yuck!

Surprisingly, I have never heard the well diggers ass comment before haha!

Neely said...

I hate cold toilet seats!