Pour some spackle on me

I've spent the past week texturing the ceilings in 7 rooms of the house.

Most of the house had flat ceilings. While nice and full of possibilities (paint?!) a house built in the 30s does some settling and many of those ceilings has tiny hairline cracks in them. So we patched those then added a nice spiky 'do!

Let me tell yah, those fellas who are professionals and come in on their stilts and have an entire house done it .2 seconds... Yea, those guys are show-offs!

My best time was in the dining room, which I finished in 40 minutes! (patting myself on the back)

It's funny that my jacket looks halfway black here still, in reality I looked like a reverse dalmation! (I'm aware you are all jealous of my get-up... I was tired of getting Sheetrock in my hair so I created a makeshift bandana!)

I finished up the final ceiling on Sunday, I feel as if my shoulders will continue to burn for the next three weeks!

PS that bedroom is no longer pink, my dining room is no longer blue, and my bathroom is no longer white!


Aubrey S. said...

Good work, girl. And those arms may burn, the but definition they'll have is worth the pain.

Krystal said...

I'm going to have to help my guy do this to our house in this upcoming year. I'm happy to see that it's possible to get this accomplished!! I'm worried about our furniture and how we will do this since the house isn't empty! LOL

Michelle (michabella) said...

You go girl!!! Painting and spackling is hard work!! You def feel it the next day! You for sure deserve a pat on the back for 40 minutes :)

Erica said...

Love the bandana! Can't wait to see the colors:)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Whoa whoa what type of texture did you put up there? Not the popcorn stuff right? I think I know what you did.. I got excited thinking you were removing popcorn ceilings they are horrid.