Back to back, butt to butt

Did anyone else used to sing that on the school bus? Back to back, butt to butt (or maybe it was bottom to bottom) that's the way we sit on the bus...
Our bus driver relentlessly tried it everyday, but I'm sure we all showed our 4th grade rebellious side sitting backwards, in the aisle and every which way but the "safe" way.

Speaking of bus, I am pretty sure this school bus yellow chair would look AMAZING in my living room, with my "spa" couch (note: NOT seafoam green, Chris!)

It's reclines too. Not just adorably chic, but functional too. Have you ever sat in a Lane chair? They are to die for. die. Honestly. So stinkin comfortable. When you're stuck waiting and hour and a half for the HH Gregg guys to deliver your appliances, you can dang near fall asleep in it, THAT'S how comfortable they are.

Unfortunately, it's not cheap. Directly from Lane it is just shy of 10 Benjamins, and the cheapest I've been able to scope out was $641. I just don't think I can justify that much for one chair. Sniffle.

I scored two other Lane brand chairs for my sitting room from TJ Maxx for way way less than the original price, so here's to hoping this little daffodil beauty finds it's way into my local Maxx!


Neely said...

But its so cute!

Jamie Pickle said...

It is a very cute chair, but can't beat TJ Maxx pricing. Fingers crossed that it shows up in a TJ Maxx near you!!

Caroline said...

I love chairs like this. Hoping you find this at TJ Maxx.

Candice Pair said...

Ok after my 3 week or so break, I had to go back and review your recent posts...I've missed out on tons of house updates! Anyway, first of all, I love that chair. And I've learned that if you really really love something, and its a really good quality, which it is, then its definitely worth the money! Go for it! Also, love the old floors (and your pics from Anthro!!!) AND the floors that were re-done in the other rooms look amazing, too! And the kitchen ones! Gosh, I think I'm done hah!