Bathroom duty

The full bathroom is at the top of the stairs, directly viewable (is that a word?) from the front door. Making it prime real estate for showing off my impeccable taste in decor! (ha!)
Unfortunately, someone before me decided to follow the yellow brick road and add gold flecked tile and golden swirl accent tiles all throughout the throne room!

In an effort to not create more work for myself now, said golden adornments will remain in place.
Hey, it could be worse right?!

As I showed in my Color Me Pretty post, the walls above the tile are getting a nice deep teal to hopefully help neutralize some of the gaudiness of the gold!

Now I just need to decide on accent colors and a shower curtain (which, by the way, I'm having a terrible time finding a cute, reasonably priced one!)

Today as I was staring at yet another cocktail menu (oh the joys of the House of Booze) I began to toss around the idea of navy blue and white.

Something like this... (like my attempt at creating a gold color swatch!?)With some sort of fun shower curtain such as this one from Anthropologie

Feedback? Other suggestions for accent colors and/or shower curtains that don't cost half my paycheck are welcomed and greatly appreciated!


Marcy XOXO said...

LOVE IT ALL! You have awesome taste!!! I love that color combo!!!

love jenny xoxo said...

It's looking great! I'll keep my eyes open for a similar shower curtain, that one is very cute!


Mateya said...

I think that is a great color combo! It'll be very nice!

Krystal said...

Welcome to my LIFE! We have two bathrooms covered in tile and it's just not worth the effort to remove it. One bathroom is yellow and the other is baby blue. I'd love to see your final product! I think the colors you picked are great. I used navy blue in my baby blue bathroom and it's not so bad. The yellow one... still a work in progress.

Jenni said...

I think that's a great idea!! And I have that EXACT shower curtain from Anthro!! LOVE IT!

CMae said...

>LVE the shower curtain then again I am in loved with anything anthro considering all of my bedding is from there too!!! :)

Sue said...

drat....i just lost the long message i had tried to send. ok...i'll try again!

i have seen pics of quilted shower curtains. i don't think batting was used tho.....

Michelle said...

Our house had gold bathroom hardware too - we ended up just using a metallic spray paint on them. We went to Home Depot and loaded up on RustOleum.