Upper Eastside Inspiration

Last night I just happen to glance up from my computer screen in time to see something on Gossip Girl that made me stop what I was doing, pause it and rewind it, all so I could get my lazy butt off the couch and take a picture of the screen with my phone. 

 See that brick wall? All distressed with white & teal paint. That's a slab of mortar after my own heart!

After a little Googling I found some better shots of the loft set on the show courtesy of Design Evolution

 (Photo credits: Malchus Janocko)

I've learned from Michelle at Design Evolution that the sets on GG are decorated by Christina Tonkin who previously worked for production designer Jeremy Conway decorating sets for Sex and the City. Those are pretty fabulous jobs, huh?

Here's one more shot of the prettyness for you 

Let me refresh your brain on what my kitchen looks like...
Ta da! Brick paneling that is held up with more glue than a 1st graders macaroni art project and would surely destroy the walls and require new dry-walling if taken down. Hmmm my wheels are crankin up in that ol' noggin of mine!


Marian said...

I love LOVE exposed brick in a place!! I feel like it makes it a little more homey/lived in:)

Joel and Cindy said...

that is AWESOME!!! Now I wish I had a brick wall in my house!!!!

Mateya said...

You are so funny....I'm sure you will figure out a way to make it look fabulous!

Abby said...

Ooh! Loves! Do it, do it!