Fiesta Time!

My aunt lives out in the country, and I used to always love going to stay with her when I was younger. It's funny because out of all the things I remember about staying at her house, her dishes are always in the forefront of my mind. She had Fiestaware dishes, 4 or 5 different colors if I remember correctly. They were pastels, probably from when Fiestaware originally launched... but none the less I adored those dishes! I remember loving that each person could have a different color plate, and that was just *SO COOL* to my 8-yr old self.

Well, here we are 15 years later and I've decided I want those *SUPER COOL* dishes for my own house!

I had originally picked out 8 of the Anthropologie Latte Bowls (four of which I got from my mom for my birthday!) And while those are super cute, and I'm going to hate taking them back... they don't offer matching or semi-matching plates/cups. And I have a feeling Fiestaware dishes are probably going to be a LITTLE more durable!

The funnest part about Fiestaware is ALL the colors they offer

I spent a good hour dreaming up color combinations last night, and drove both my mom and Chris nuts. After much debating, I have decided to go with a monochromatic bluish/greenish scheme of sorts. Dear Fiestaware Peacock, Turqouise, Shamrock and Evergreen... momma's ready to give you a new home!I love them! I also love that down the road I can add in more colors, and there's so many different dishes I can ask for serving plates and cookware for birthday and Christmas gifts!

To top it off with a cherry, I discovered last night that CSN Stores carries a lot of the Fiestaware line... bet you can guess what I will be posting a review on!

((UPDATE:: I actually changed my mind after seeing the colors in person and went with Tangerine, Sunflower, Turquoise and Peacock!))


Marcy XOXO said...

I absolutely adore this same style of dishes! I am definately registering for something similar for our wedding registry!!! I LOVE all the vibrant colors!!!

Mateya said...

That is so fun! Love all the colors! Think of all the wonderful Fiestaware stuff you can register for for your future wedding ;) to finish off your collection!

ty said...

I love the peacock color! My sister registered for the red stuff.

Caroline said...

I love the fiesta line. It's so fun!! :) And I love fun dishes too!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

What a variety of colors! I love that you can mix-match!! Too cute!

Kristen said...

When you posted all the colors, the blues popped out at me right away. What a great choice!

Gwen said...

Can't wait to see them when they arrive and see the new place. Congrats girl!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE Fiesta!! I originally thought I wanted red, but have since fallen in love with all the colors!

A great place to find Fiesta is antique stores and Ebay. Antique stores will give you some great colors that you can't find anymore...and Ebay will give you some great prices!

I love the color combo you picked!!!

Lauren said...

Ohhh Fiestaware! I love the mix and match colors! You picked out colors I love, I want to come visit! And you'll have to make me cakeballs, because for some reason they really intimidate me. Mmmkay?!

Mrs. S said...

oh girl- I am obsessed with Fiesta!

I got a lot when we got married, but it is great because it is so easy to add to!

They have a Christmas line this year that is adorable!

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