In the presence of greatness : AutoTunes

I feel like I come up with genius ideas at least once a day. I mean that in the most non-stuck-up way. Actually, I take that back, they really are genius... if you could peek inside my mind one day you would probably feel compelled to bow to my greatness

Are you ever driving down the highway in your car obsessively surfing through your 19 programmed radio stations just HOPING that one SoulDecision song is on. And then you rifle through your cd's because you are just POSITIVE that you burnt it to that Spring Break '02 mix which you can't seem to locate in the backseat passenger side door. Then finally, as your pulling into your driveway... disappointed and defeated, you pull up the ringtone on your phone just so you can feel that slightest bit of accomplishment.

That's where my jukebox radio comes into play! It's like magic. Access to any song you have stuck in your head, right at your finger tips (in a road-safe, hands-free manner of course). It's possible on a computer, why not in your car?! It'd be even more glorious if you had the option to either buy the song (where it would get stored in your car's database so you can replay "Faded" over and over and over so you can enjoy it again later) or just listen to it once.

Go ahead and think on that one for a bit. Let it marinate. You can come back later and tell me what a great idea it is.


Caroline said...

Love the idea and "Faded" could be one of my top songs. Sad, I know.

Lauren said...

OMG, I just died laughing. Not because this is a bad idea (it is FABULOUS) but because not too long ago I was going through my middle and high school CD book (which could be a post all in its own) and I found a SoulDecision CD. I couldn't remember what song I liked, but within the first bar of Faded I couldn't believe I had forgotten about it! Glad I am not the only one who likes that song!!

~Haley~ said...

I just died laughing because not even a week ago I busted out singing "Faded"... then couldn't remember who sang it, so had to run over and Google it, then buy it on iTunes and my friends and I rocked out to it :)