It seems like everybody tweets (twits? twitters?) these days... I haven't hopped on that wagon'o'bands yet... however ever since I stumbled across photos like this,I have been highly considering it. Just so I can follow these fellas as they tweet from hundreds of miles above us. [Photo from American Astronaut, Douglas H. Wheelcock, better known as @Astro_Wheels)

How baffling is it to think that we can stay connected with astronauts while they're floating through space? They can easily send down pictures of something most of us will never experience in our lives?!

Technology is a beautiful thing!



Lauren said...

I love Twitter! It has replaced FB for me... I started hating FB about a year ago, and Twitter is so much more fun to me.

C.Byrd said...

I haven't jumped on the twitter wagon yet either....I have an acct, I just don't really understand how to use it properly I guess... all the #'s and @'s and retweets and everything is confusing to me, and I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy!! Yikes! :)

Neely said...

How freaking cool! I love twitter. Some of us blog girls tweet at each other all the time its really fun :)

Priya said...

WOW. That is so cool!