Shit in a jar

So I'm not sure if you all love Chrissy Teigan as much as I do.

Source: zimbio.com via Kay on Pinterest

I'll be honest, I had no clue really who she was until I saw her at the Celeb Beach Bowl during Superbowl week and her on-field antics had me cracking up.

So I started following her on twitter, which is equally as hilarious.

And then I found out she's dating John Legend which is automatically +32 cool points in my book.

And then today I stumbled upon her blog in which she's raving about vanilla sugar, but not just any vanilla sugar, vanilla sugar in a jar.

She goes on to say
 "PS I love shit in jars. You could literally shit in a jar and I’d still laugh and enjoy it. But mostly I love any other shit in a jar. Layered cheesecakes, baking mixes, etc. Jars of stuff for gifts are awesome. And you can use the jar. What I’m saying here is my birthday is coming up."

And that sealed the deal.

So yea, that's what's going on in my life. A little lady crush over here I reckon.


Kerr said...

Her blog is great! She makes delicious food.

ty said...

I LOVE her. If she's not retwitting her hate tweets, she's posting delicious food pictures.

Jen said...

Haha that is awesome!

Mindy said...

Well, just spent an hour reading her blog/stalking her.

Love her! Definitely girl crush worthy

Monica said...

I love that I was randomly scrolling my feed and had to click on your post because of the name :)

Unknown said...

um, let's form a fan club. i just developed a massive lady crush on her too after reading her blog and twitter page immediately after reading your post. AND she's dating john legend. obsessed.

Sandra said...

I freakin' love her. Her blog always has me laughing. Like pound on my desk laughing.

KRISTIN said...

HA! I've never heard of her but I LOVE when beautiful people actually have a personality...I'm going to need to start stalking her. :)