Have you ever been sittin around chitchatting while you're booking a flight, laughing, having a good time... then you look down and realize you just booked the completely wrong flight.

Yea, I KNOW RIGHT. Who in their right mind would do that!? (hangs head in shame)

Thank goodness for mommies who swoop in & save the day, get the money refunded and the correct flight booked. Because who really wants to spend 9 hours alone at the Miami International Airport trying to get home from Jamaica.

Moral of the story kids, when it asks if you're sure that's the flight you wanna book - double check it!

Oh, and let the countdown begin - I'll be going back to my second home in July. Hip hip hooray! (Hope you enjoyed the abundance of Jamaican trip outtake photos!)


Cindy said...

OMG I think you're in Jamaica more than Indiana!! (just kidding, sorta). HAVE FUN!!! Yay for vacation! Enjoy it now because one day, you won't be able to just up and go! My fam is in SC and Indiana (Berne, South Bend, Lafayette) and any vacation days are used to visit them. We haven't had a legit vaca in 2 years. This year though, we're vacationing. Don't know where or when, but I'm going to the BEACH. :)

Sandra said...

Take me with you!!!

christin said...

My best friend did this and didn't notice until the DAY before the flight. So major ups to you for realizing quickly thereafter. So jealous you skank.

Jen said...

Awesome!!! I am incredibly jealous! I know you will have an amazing time.

Monica said...

Love Jamaica! I need to go back, not that my 4 previous trips werent enough :)

Alana Christine said...

So jealous! I went to Ocho Rios once and loved it!

Adrienne said...

uhhhhhh my gosh, I've totally done that.

I got stuck in Minneapolis, on New Years Day. The day before I was scheduled to have major surgery.

My mommy rescued me too :)

So don't feel so bad, because you're not alone. There's another goofball across the country just like you ;)

Marian said...

I want your life!