So What Wednesday

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So What Wednesday
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So what if I am unnecessarily nervous to call the Prosecuter's office about getting a deferral for my ticket. I'm a good kid, I don't have to deal with the law much, they intimidate me.

So what if I woke up this morning seriously concerned about where I'm going to put a Christmas tree up in my house. I literally got out of bed and went down & inspected my living room. Still no answer, but I have a few ideas. I must have been dreaming about the Grinch or something!?

So what if I am quite excited to go shopping for Holly's gift for the Fall's Favorite Finds swap

So what if I practically ended up cooking dinner for everyone at my mom's house on Monday (Monday night family dinners, duh!). She cooks every week, I was just tryin to help out!

So what if I so badly want to do a before/after of all the rooms since the "1 year anniversary" of buying my house is coming up, but that's a whole lot of straightening up to do... and that is just a daunting task. 

So what if my mom and I were more worried about snapping photos of ourselves than actually WATCHING the game Sunday night. Hey, you can never have too many mama/daughter photos!

So what if the search for the indestructible dog toy is still failing miserably. Atleast it's just toys he tears up, and not my shoes 

So what if, no matter how many squiggly red lines I get, I will never NEVER be ok with spelling it "at least" instead of "atleast" 

So what if my most recent trip to the grocery consisted of 6 cans of Campbells, 2 Lean Cuisine french bread pizzas (those are delish btdub) and a loaf of bread. Hello lunch for 2 weeks straight!

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Shannon Dew said...

I think at least is one word too! And each other! Ugh! Stupid spell check!

David and Elizabeth said...

David always sasses at me b/c i spend more time watching Blue do inappropriate hip thrusts than the game :) i don't blame you for taking pictures during the game...

Michelle (michabella) said...

OMG! Jax has that same bone in the picture :) You need to get the kong balls/bones/etc. Those are the best!

Cute picture of you and your momma!!

Um no wonder you are so skinny.

Get your sh*t together. I want to see the before/after of your house :)

Kristen said...

Glad to know I am not the only one concerned with where my Christmas Tree will go....hopefully we are in our new house by then, cause I still haven't found a good spot AND we can't not have a Christmas Tree on Baby's First Christmas!

love jenny xoxo said...

I love the idea of doing before and afters on your one year anniversary!! I hope you do :)


Mateya said...

No wonder you are so skinny if that trip to the store is going to last you for 2 weeks...jeesh! I would parish.

You weren't in your house for Christmas last year?

Finding a spot for your tree, or 2 of them in my case, is a very important task. Good thing you're thinking about it early :)

P.S. Who won the game on Sunday??

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

Getting out of your bed to determine the Christmas tree spot is something I would do. I love the idea of taking 1 year anniversary photos of the rooms in your house!

Carolyn said...

If you ever find that indestructible dog toy... LET ME KNOW! LOL We ALWAYS have fuzz and broken dog toy pieces all over our house! :)

singlemamalife.com said...

When I was house hunting this summer, Christmas tree placement was on my list. :)

whitney said...

i think the before and afters is a must!!

i am just starting to decorate my new apt.

cleaning and tidying up is the hardest part!!

Melissa Jo said...

Before and Afters are a MUST especially with all the work u've done!

Oh, and your grocery list is almost identical to mine, haha.

tara said...

sammy destroys everything except kong toys!

rinniez said...

i always write atleast, it just looks right.
and dogs can and will destroy all toys you buy them, but like you said its better he does that then shoes!