Colored denim

Oh, colored denim.

Back when I was like 8, I had every color. I distinctly remember wearing my forest green jeans with construction boots, a turtleneck and a sweatshirt over it. God, I wish I had a picture to share!

Yet, I still find myself drawn to them. Funny, you think I'd be running for the high hills after that memory recollection.  

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Do you own any?? I bought a pair of bright blue skinnies last summer, but chickened out and took em back.

Where'd you get em?

I can't justify spending anywhere over like $50 on them, but I do think I need to get a few candy coated colors before too long! They are just too much fun to ignore



David and Elizabeth said...

bahahaha i think i had the same forest green jeans and construction boots...oh the 90's. such a horrible fashion time

Michelle (michabella) said...

Ooooo I want the purple ones!!! I had bright pink and yellow ones from Gap in high school! LOVED THEM.

Al said...

I'm too scared to do anything fashion forward. They should come back out with Queer Eye for the Straight Girl and give a sister a hand! Hope all is well, pretty girl!

Mrs. H said...

I love them but like you I don't want to spend a ton. Who knows, they may only be in season this year!?!?!

Kristen said...

I like them, but don't feel brave enough yet!

I had red and purple when I was younger, if only I could channel my 4th grade fashion forward self -haha ;-)

BJJ said...

I have always been a fan of denim - no matter what color!! I love that these are back in style... I liked the whole colored leggings fad and all, but I'm too cold-natured to only wear cotton tights on my chicken legs in the cooler weather.
The denim is where it's at!

I don't know what the price-tag was, but Urban Outfitters has a TON of funky colored denim right now!

Amanda said...

Loving colored denim, but not loving the fact that I'm not brave enough to sport it...Oh well.

Holly said...

I have been having the same debate with myself - colored jeans or no? I too cannot justify spending that much on a pair given that I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of them. Let me know if you find a good place to buy a cheap pair!

Melissa Jo said...

I can't find any that fit! Ugh! I would love to find a fun pair of pink ones or even burnt orange ones to wear to football games, but alas my small town has yet to bring in a pair of these cuties that fit me right. UGH! If they fit, flaunt them!

Jen said...

I have never been able to find a cute pair of colored denim. Maybe one day. :)

tara said...

i want some red skinnies! i'm super cheap though so i'd have to find them for less than $20. maybe forever21? hmmm..

PCM said...

I have been debating on getting a pair of red skinnies, but am not sure I am willing to dish out the money on something that may only last one season. I did, however, find an inexpensive pair at Forever 21. They have lots of colors available, too!


Natalie said...

I was totally scared of this trend at first because it brought me back to like second grade. So bad! But I love it and finally got a pair of bright blue. I want red too!

Natalie said...

P.S. I found some on Amazon of all places:


So cheap and it seems like the quality's good for what you pay for.

Marian said...

OK, seriously, because I've been living in that whale I'm late on all responses...so you probably have like 5 pairs of colored denim now...but a month or so ago, I was able to find a number of pairs at TJMax's and Marshalls...all for the budget friendly tag of 19.99!! However, I did go back like two weeks ago and couldn't find any. I was sads!