Seriously?! Thursday

I think today marks the perfect day to link up with my fellow Hoosier'ette, Becky, over at From Mrs. to Momma for SERIOUSLY?! Thursday

1. Up until this morning I had never received a ticket, been in an accident or pulled over. Well apparently cops are also grumpy at 7am and I am now the proud owner of a "UNSAFE LANE CHANGE" ticket. We were at a stoplight, the other lane started moving so I hopped over. I'm sorry Mr Officer but how do you figure that I "cut you off" when you weren't even moving.  SERIOUSLY?!

2. My showerhead is on strike or something. For the past week or so I have been attempting to rinse shampoo from my hair under the equivalent of a water fountain. What happened to my water pressure?! SERIOUSLY?!

3. My mutt, of whom I love so very much, decided to take it upon himself to begin ripping up the carpet (albeit it is ugly carpet) from my sun room, aka the room he stays in when I'm gone. Wasn't planning on taking on that home improvement project for a while but now I have no choice! I really. really. really. adore him. Really. SERIOUSLY?!

4. I'm pretty much convinced that someone provided my left ovary with a Swiss army knife. I don't know who it was or why they did it, but the pain is intense and I'm not a happy camper. Dear ovary, stop stabbing me. SERIOUSLY?!

5. We're supposed to be going camping this weekend, but now the weather has decided to play games and bombard us with lows in the 40s every night.  SERIOUSLY?!

6. After dinner last night we went to Nordstrom Rack and I found atleast 4 pairs of jeans I wanted. I had to narrow it down to only one. Stupid mortgage.  SERIOUSLY?!

7. I now have a bruise on my hand from walking past a door the other day and slamming my hand into the knob because I apparently swung my arm at the wrong time.  SERIOUSLY?!

8. And I've been so busy writing these rants up, and (gasp) actually doing work, that I went to take a drink of my coffee and it's now cold.  SERIOUSLY?!

Phew... that felt good! I'm going to go plaster a smile on my face now and make myself have a good day!



Amanda said...

Wow, that's a SERIOUS post. I crack myself up. Aren't getting tickets the worst? The last time, and most recent time, I got a ticket was at 6:41AM for speeding. Mind you this was after hurricane Irene, so what this cop was doing on the highway and not helping clear the roads/trees, I still wonder.

I'm sorry the pup ripped up the carpet, but at least you have a new project. What kind of jeans did you end up getting?

Chelsea Coleen said...

do not even get me STARTED about the cops in atlanta. they have a love affair with my red jetta. just love to pull that sucker over i swear!!!!! funny story: there is this cop that sits on the top of the hill by my apartment every morning, i know he is there so of course i go slow. well one day while i was leaving i noticed he switched spots and instead sitting on the top of the hill, he was now at the bottom of it. as i passed by him i couldnt resist and so i rolled down my window and said "you are coming up with some really good hiding places" he laughed. well the other morning, i took a different route and guess who i saw on my way out, mr police man. he looked at me and motioned "you were THIS close" hahaha. moral of the story- keep your friends close, your enemys closer :)

Mrs. Mama said...

OMG. stop. i think i just laughed so hard that i woke up the baby (oops).

Cops, no offense, tick me off with the ticket shit. it's horse shit if you ask me. like really, you don't have anything better to do, seriously?! i didn't even know that such a ticket existed... ugh. did you say thank you at the end? i HATE when i do that.... yes, i am a big traffic violator... with multiple tickets in the past. had to go to some "school" in kentucky when i got a ticket visiting my in-laws. now THAT was interesting.

have bf check your water pressure. or like in my case, i have to call my dad. {good thing andrew will never read this}

ugh carpet ripping up? no bueno no bueno.

OMG thanks for reminding me about the RACK... i totally forgot about their grand opening... so you likey? sweet. i cant wait to go!

thanks again for the laugh... and cough cough we need a date soon. mkay?

Mrs. Mama said...

and by date, i guess it would be a "first meeting"... but that sounds kinda gay. and i feel like i kinda know you already. now awkwardness right? hehe

Mrs. Mama said...

and by now, i meant no.

k. last comment, i swear.

Shannon Dew said...

Cops piss me off. I think they have nothing better to do. I had never had a ticket until my DUE DATE! Who gives a pregnant lady a ticket on her due date?!

Michelle (michabella) said...

DANG!!! I should have done this today. Them INDY cops suck. And girl... listen to your mutt... it's gotta go.


Mateya said...

Maybe your sweet dog was just trying to give you a hint that the carpet is hideous and needs to go haha!

Glad you joined the ticket club...it was bound to happen sooner or later. That cop just wanted to see what hottie was driving a sweet camero!

tara said...

My sweet little Sammy ripped a hole in our carpet the other day! What is up with our dogs wanting to take on home improvement projects!! Grr!

Kelly said...

Now THOSE are some seriously good things to say SRRSLY?? to. Too bad about getting pulled over :-( There is a Nordstrom Rack at the Mall of America and I need new jeans... Might have to hit it up this weekend!

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

I'm jealous. I want to go to the Rack so bad. I was going to go last Friday but there was a crazy amount of traffic from the construction, so I opted out. Sucks about the ticket. Hopefully you can pull some strings. :)

Amber said...

Stupid mortgage...love it. So true, I have given up many a wants for my mortgage!

Sorry about the ticket boo - maybe you can get out of it!